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UFO Sighting Iowa 1965

One night in in 1965 I was home from college for the summer and was driving around with some friends. We were listening to station KOMA in Oklahoma and it was clear as a bell. Suddenly, my radio went dead and my engine started acting like it wanted to shut off-somehow it kept going, but in a jerky way.

We noticed something moving over our heads and when we came to the bottom of the hill, a triangular-shaped object was across the street and hovering above an old hatchery building. This area was quite dark.

I suggested we go up the hill and I no sooner said it than the ‘saucer’ also darted up the hill! It waited for us again and I suggested that we drive out towards the town dump. Then it headed in that direction!

My friends were really scared and locked their doors. I turned around at the dump and decided we had better get back to town. Just as I was getting ready to turn to go back into town, it sat down on the railroad tracks right across from us and then-poof!-up into the air and disappeared completely!

We were all scared to death and agreed that none of us would talk about it again. No one did.

Sent in by Patricia

  1. I’m from oklahoma and have been all over. Where exactly was this at, town,location,time of night,stuff like that. I remember cruising and listening to koma, and the worst radio night when we turned on the radio to jam out cruise and party and it was playing “your the reason god made oklahoma” over and over again. It was the end of a good rock and roll station, and of course, we then went to the “katt”, but the katt had some good katt parties!!!

  2. Hi! I am glad you got the story and for the most part it is accurate, except it did not happen in Oklahoma but in Iowa! I am so sorry to have misled you! Oklahoma is a beautiful place and great people there!(Will Rogers,etc.) But I was not in Oklahoma when it happened. I was in Iowa, Southeast of Sioux City-if we have any Hawkeyes reading this! I am native to that area and my second adopted home is St. Louis. I just live in Omaha right now. God Bless you All. My friend with me at the time of the encounter has since passed on.

  3. I have drove through the area by Sioux City Iowa in 2007 but I did not see any flying crafts. It is miles and miles of nowhere, and pretty open land until you reach the city. I was driving from Rockford Illinois to Muscota Kansas and I went through Iowa. I will be going there again maybe next year. Next time I drive through Sioux City Iowa, I will watch for UFOS. Was it at night when you saw the craft?

  4. In my view your experience is a clear indication that our thought process is picked up by these ufos. Your experience mirrors many others and clearly when it is said we are all made from the same substance in the universe and are connected, we should stop and take note – there is a paranormal aspect to ufos.

  5. I was in the Air Force stationed at a Bomb Scoring Detachment near Hastings, NE. UFO Sightings At Air Force Bomb Scoring Detachment Near Hastings Nebraska

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