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UFO Sighting Near Seal Beach California

When I was 9 or 10 years old some of my brothers and sisters as well as myself and my parents were going down the freeway in southern California near Seal Beach when my mother called our attention to 3 bell shaped flying saucers that were flying above the freeway fairly low.

The 3 UFOs were being pursued by a Navy Jet (we were not that far from Los Alamitos Naval Air Station) and the markings on the jet was very plain. The saucers disappeared in the distance. It seemed like half the cars on the freeway had stopped and were watching the spectacle of the UFOs.

This was the first of numerous UFO sightings I have seen, some in California, some in Texas, one in Virginia and a very memorable one in Germany that concluded later that night with an encounter with Men in Black.

Sent in by Raymond, Copyright 2011

  1. A Thousand Whispering Voices The Night My Step Father Richard Died is a story I wrote with these events witnessing. and Astral body projection and contact with aliens. These encounters are dangerous. That is why I am posting a warning. These are of a demonic nature. pray to Jesus and read these stories. my Stepfather was a German engineer for Nasa and General Motors. He had these alien encounters where he was abducted. These aliens gave him secret information about fuel cells. He also had numerous drawing of these crafts with math calculations in Calculus. I am no way promoting these stories. I am just heading a warning these things are evil in nature.

  2. Carri, I’m inclined to agree with you…, for reasons I can’t really state here. I’m sorry for your loss. My father is still living, however, my mother passed away several years ago. I hope you are doing well.

    It seems like Earth has been visited by strange crafts for centuries. They appear in very old paintings, and sometimes as small clay models, and in recent history on camera photos, digital videos, news print, magazines, and popular folk lore…, and why not?

    Whether or not “abduction” is a real physical reality or not, many report being full of fear. I don’t see this sort of behavior as being normal, say something like harmless dreams.

    I don’t think all of these reports are actually real, and with good reason. I’m questioning why aren’t these things making contact in broad daylight? Sneaking around doesn’t line up well with the idea of “peaceful” contact.

    As a race, does anyone still believe the public would panic if a UFO and its occupants made contact? I don’t think so. Why are they still skulking around in the shadows? I believe it is easy to see how these visitors could pose a real threat…, even if our visitors are just machines exploring our world. Then again, maybe they were here before us. Maybe they’ve been here all along. They might exist in our space-time, just outside of our abilities to detect them.

    How many of us make friends with people who are stalking us? Let’s not forget what has happened in our own history, when one advanced civilization meets with another more primitive civilization. Am I hitting a nerve here?

  3. I’m not sure how on topic this is but I have recently been thinking about earth’s history. Whether or not we were once advanced or were contacted by ET’s wouldn’t they have left at least some type of man-made Satellite in our atmosphere. By history’s accord the Russians were the first to launch a Satellite. I would think that there would be something before us just orbiting Earths atmosphere for X reasons.

    Just my 2 cents and I’m glad I found this site.

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