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UFOs – Unidentified Flying Objects Sightings

Flying saucers have developed a lot since they were first spotted in 1947. In aftermath of that incident nearly all UFOs seen were saucer shaped. Later, cigar shapes became more common. Although both disc-shaped craft and cylindrical UFOs are still around, the latest batch, seen since the 1980s, are three-sided craft. These Flying Triangles were responsible for the biggest mass sighting in history.

One after the other there were Soviet Encounters, the Belgian wave of sightings, the Mexican wave of sightings, Japan sightings and encounters worldwide. Even Astronauts’ Sightings and Military Encounters were reported. The UFOs were even photographed by witnesses and professionals but the intelligence agencies deny the fact that there are UFOs.

MUFON – The Mutual UFO Network, a grassroots organization of private citizens who have taken it upon themselves to get to the bottom of the UFO phenomena said regarding the photographs of some professional photographers, ‘With enough time, money, luck and skill – anything can be faked’, says MUFON’s video analyst Jeff Soinio.

UFO Triangle Belgium, 1990From ancient times to present day, people have reported seeing strange lights in the sky – objects that act in such a way that cannot be explained. According to some scientists, the objects completely defy the laws of physics. There have been instances of sightings reported world wide, from people from all walks of life, right up to government officials.

As a famous proverb says, ‘Seeing is believing’ there is evidence that we are not alone but still the question  remains ‘Is there intelligent life on other planets?’

I am a fifteen year old and have never encountered UFOs but I have a lot of interest in extraterrestrial intelligence and would love to know if you believe that we are not alone.

My source of information is from books I read and movies I watched and I would be eager to read your response.

Sent in by Fareed Masood, Copyright 2009

  1. I believe in them- very much so.
    And, in fact when I was talking about aliens with one of my Hebrew friends she told me an old secrete…. they believe when Moses went up to the mountain where God spoke to him…. that the deal was struck between man and Angels/Aliens. That for the Hebrews to receive the answers they searched for, from God- the Aliens were allowed to come an take people here and there, for their own purposes.
    She said that Moses was told to have been in a UFO so long that when he came down from the Mountain, back to the people below, that is why his hair had turned white. Check out “You-tube’s” videos on Moses and Aliens -or- just write Moses and Aliens in your web browser and you can find more articles on this.
    Keep watching the skies! 🙂

  2. Nasa and scientists discovered that from mercury just to pluto there is no other life, We’re looking for forms of primitive life, like bacteria. The radiotelescope Arecibo was built in a natural depression (a big hole in the ground) between the hills in northern Puerto Rico, it can observe objects (declension) between 43° and -6°. It’s also used to look for other signs of life in space………..nothing yet!!

  3. I think aliens are in another universe our telescopes cannot see. and they are much more advanced than us

  4. It seems that whenever i stop visiting this site, more and more articles of exceptional quality are posted on it.
    Nice read btw.
    I definitely believe in intelligent extraterrestrial life. The space technology we have only enables us to view the universe to certain extents and space is constantly expanding. Even now with proposed unified theories and the complex notions of a multiverse and strings the probability of more and more intelligent life forms is increasing.

    take care

  5. We walk amoungst you!!!

    Have no idea. Could be interdeminsional beings for all we know.

  6. the thought of humans being the only intellegent life forms out there is really selfcentered, once you think about it.

  7. i would love to see and alien and i think they look just like us a are on this earth. they just dont tell nobody because we look at them as ugly freaks and being mean.

  8. hey I do believe thier are aliens why because if this planet can support life than think of the other that can but just because this goldie locks planet (just right) were the sun won’t scorch or were it can freeze those not mean that were a planet that is positioned just right those not mean it could be a life filled planet because it could be like the moon a chunk of dead rock (no magma in it). but still their can be millions of other planets just like earth just thier no way to actully tell.

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