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UFOs While Fishing in Massachusetts

I was fishing one night at Salisbury Beach Reservation in Massachusetts. It is a bird reservation and a camping area on the water. It is a peninsula where the River, the Merrimac, and the Ocean meet. I was on the River side. Across the river is Plum Island and beyond that is the Atlantic Ocean. I write all of this because it has a bearing on the story.

Scott, my daughter’s boyfriend, joined me later that night and I asked him what he thought about the lights we both saw in the sky.

There were about 10 or 12 lights lined up in a row beyond Plum Island. Every 5 minutes or so, the end one, closest to us, would become very bright and then drop beyond our sight. If what we were seeing was really happening, they were dropping into the ocean!

We watched them glow and drop, glow and drop, for about 3 hours and when anybody walked by us, we would ask them what they thought the lights were. No one had an answer, except one man said that he thought there was an airport over there. Well, I have never seen airplanes hang in the sky in one spot for an hour or more or glow, or fall like that. I learned later that there was no airport over there.

What is strange is that neither one of us, Scott or I, thought of UFO’s. We thought it was natural occurrence or something explainable.

I finished fishing and left, but I looked back once and the lights were still there in the sky in a row, and the end one was glowing and it fell beyond Plum Island. I shook my head and headed back to my tent for the night, and never thought of it again,until many years later when I saw a TV program about UFO sightings in Mexico. Apparently many folks saw the lights in the sky that lined up in a row. When I saw the pictures they had of them, I was taken back to that night when I was fishing. It was the same kind of lights. It was then I realized that what I had seen was UFO’s. I also ran into Scott again years later, (my daughter and Scott had gone their separate ways) and we discussed the lights we saw in the sky that summer night. He now believes they were UFO’s too.

I have often wondered what they, the UFO’s, were doing and why. Since then I have learned that many folks have seen UFO’s go into the water, especially the ocean. Well, I now know what they were doing but I can’t even guess why. I believe in Aliens and UFO’s and hope they are friendly!

Sent in by Lucille Jean Richard, Copyright 2009

  1. Mirages happen over water just as easily as on land.

    • I also believe him since i’ve wiestsned a red sphere in broad daylight sitting in mid air about 50m above the trees on a very windy day. The wind did not move it. After being stationary for about 5mins it decided to accelerate away into the clouds. This was in Aberdeen, Scotland. Definitely no balloon, never seen anything like it.

  2. Me and my dad saw not to long ago 5 to 6 bright lights lined up in a rown adn they stayed there for 10-15 and gt close to us and looked like ufos!My mom just said that there was an airport near by and said it was airplanes instead. That experience has changed my life forever!!!!

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