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Unwanted Unsolicited Nocturnal Visitations and the Crucifix

Many years ago when I was in my early twenty’s, I experienced unwanted/ unsolicited nocturnal paranormal visitations of a sort on a regular basis to a point where I dreaded the night periods and kept my bedside lamps alight throughout the night. I have no idea who or what these entities were except to say they really wore me down through sleepless nights.

Having a Christian background, I bought a 5″ long, blessed crucifix from the Roman Catholic church relics shop which I stitched firmly onto the top of the surrounding velvet cloth in front of an oval picture of a beautiful Victorian lady. I then hung the picture with the attached crucifix on a picture hook on the wall about 1 metre above my bed.

One winters night at approx. 8.30pm, after having had supper, a bath, changed into warm flannelette pajamas, windows and doors shut/locked, bedroom light still on, I settled down to watch TV. I was seated on my pillows, leaning against the headboard which was hard up against the wall and the cabinet type TV was up against the wall at the foot of my bed. I’d been watching a film for approx. 10 minutes, when I suddenly felt a cold breeze at back of my neck. I rubbed my nape and turned to look at the wall behind me rather confused as there was no window on that wall, nor was there any reason for this sudden COLD breeze. I continued to watch TV but realized the cold atmosphere had intensified to a point where I felt as though I was sitting in a deep freezer and, the room atmosphere was quite weird. Quite suddenly there was loud shuffling as though there was a tussle between two people, there was cluttering, thuds and bangs on the floor boards in front of me so loud that it drowned out the sound of the TV, yet I could see nothing before me. I was petrified and confused at what was happening yet wasn’t visible and, as suddenly as it had begun, I heard something fall on the floor and everything was back to normal.

I sat on the bed in the same position for some minutes still shaken, trying to fathom out what had just taken place when I remembered something had fallen on the floor, so I gingerly stepped off the bed and looked on the floor – nothing was found. I looked under my bed and was surprised to see the crucifix detached from the oval picture, on its own. I retrieved it and looked for the oval picture which I found under the bed next to mine. I noticed the broken threads on the velvet cloth as if the crucifix had been wrenched from the picture. I was in shock and didn’t know what to make of all this. The picture hook was still firmly intact on the wall and the loop on the oval picture was firmly in place yet the picture flew off the wall and the crucifix wrenched apart from the picture.

My neighbour knocked on my door and enquired after me as she had heard the racket which sounded like a violent fight was taking place and was shocked at what I had to say.

My question is – for those who believe in Jesus Christ – what could all this mean? Why was the crucifix so violently wrenched from the picture and thrown on the floor? What/who could have been responsible for what happened?

Sent in by Pat

  1. your were fighting a demonic attack. I know these type of alien encounters visited my father. He always had aliens visiting him in Dairy land and Gordon Wisconsin. Once he was in Illinois he never saw aliens again. I believe the house he lived in was haunted. He said the aliens gave him secret classified information. The knew new technology. My father became a engineer and used some of this secret information. but here is the story. “Astral body projection and communication with aliens.” Right before he died he asked me what the alien thing was. I was in my early 30s I did not know at the time. Now in my 40s I know through reading that these things are of a demonic encounter. I only wish I could have told him before he died.

    • Sorry Anonymous, I wasn’t fighting at all, I was sitting on my bed whilst there was a fight taking place in front of me, I could feel the violence and hear the tussle but couldn’t see anything. It was really weird because I was so afraid to the core of my being that my mind was in confusion perhaps because I couldn’t see the beings who were fighting. However, I’ve often wondered when I recall that particular incident, why did the picture and crucifix fly off the wall and, why was the cross wrenched from the picture, after all the crucifix is only an inanimate object? Was that some kind of message for me and if so who from and why?

  2. I would take down the picture of the Lady. sometime pictures channel the paranormal. also mirrors do that. these alien beings pretend to be aliens but in fact they are evil there message is to take you to hell. through deception and deceit. they will give you messages. they will torment you for years. It is not true. turn to your faith. turn to god. here is a test. Say Jesus Christ protect me. see what these aliens do then. let me know.

    • Anonymous, this happened many years ago and, the picture of the victorian lady wasn’t the problem as this picture had been hanging on my wall for a long time. The incident happened when I stitched the crucifix onto the fabric of the picture.

  3. Somethign there is highly agitated by the crucifix. To help you the most lets seperate a few things here and get to the heart of the matter. You absolutely do not need to have religeous artifacts to ward off evil. It may the portrait or even the crucifix itself that has something attached to it that is evil. Yes, a crucifix is an inanimate object. If it was not blessed by someone who believes in Christ then it is just a neutral object and something evil could attach. But remember that Jesus gave you much more power than you would ever find in some object. It is your faith in Christ and your trust and relationship with Him that cast out all evil spirits and it is your daily prayer, study and relationship with Him that keeps this sort of thing away. I would take the picture and the crucifix and any other object that might be questionable and get them out of your house. You do not need Holy water and all that kind of stuff. Here is what you do. Pray to God in Jesus name often and tell Him your needs and worries, giving them to him and letting Him deal with them, that is what He prefers because you are placing 100% of your faith in Him. Read your Bible daily or nightly and leave it open on your nightstand when you sleep. These things done daily will bring you His peace that surpasses all understanding throughout your life. Now, if you hear anything, sense anything, see nything that is not normal simply say out loud (or even out loud in your mind) and it will cease immediately and have to leave. If there is something there and you do these simply things it cannot stay there and it will keep anything else from bothering you in the future. This is about giving your fear to Jesus. He told us that the spirit of fear is not from God and that He would fight our battles for us. We need to put on His spiritual armour and nothing can harm you. Pray read your Bible and say “Jesus rebuke you” and you will experience His loving and everlasting peace.

    • Hello jk, this incident happened many years ago and it had nothing to do with the picture, however – the crucifix was the problem – I think, although I had been experiencing very unsettling nights as a result of spiritual entities or (whatever)before the cross was purchased. My neighbour and I used to hear the sound of heavy footsteps make their way from the gate to my doorstep and yet there was never anyone there. I then moved to a two bedroomed cottage on the same premises and it seems I was followed by this particular entity. I used to hear these footsteps climb the steps of my verandah, turn the door handle of the front door – the door would squeak open and the heavy footsteps would walk across the floor boards in the sitting room towards the hallway, turn the door handle into the short passage where my bedroom was and once again the door would squeak open but no one emerged (yet during the day and any other time, my doors never squeaked as they were well oiled.) I would check the doors and find they were all still locked. One night, I was asleep but was rudely awakened when I found myself thrown across from my side of the bed over my husband to the other side. I landed on my stomach, my legs still on the bed, my hands on the floor and my head very sore as I struck my head against the chest of drawers. My husband had woken up within seconds but was unable to halt my demise. This happened yet again some days later except my husband woke up that instant and caught me in mid-air as I was flung once again across the bed. I did mention in another post how the bedroom was filled with a very dark malvolent evil threatening depressing heavy energy – to a point ‘it’ darkened the room so we couldn’t see a thing, my husband clasped my hand firmly until ‘it’ left the room, we could feel it seep out through the walls until the atmosphere had lifted and the bedroom was normal again. We moved out of that cottage as we were sure ‘it’ would hurt me physically if we remained there. All this and more really happened to me but, that was many years ago. When I hear people ridicule the notion that there are invisible entities which interact with us, I only smile because I know it to be a fact as I’ve experienced and seen inexplicable things both frightening and on the other hand -some awesome things.

      • jk, I know you mean well and it’s obvious you are a devout Christian but, reading the bible every day would be a chore, it’s not exactly normal for me to do so. I do possess a bible and refer to it from time to time but not for religious reading or reasons, the bible is used by me for cross reference purposes in discussions, debates etc.

  4. I have trouble figuring what you actually believe, but thsat is OK I like it. Anyway, I am all about invisible entities interacting with us and I believe your stories and you are right again, I really do mean well. Where the paranormal and I depart is the notion that these invisible beings are in anyway or have ever been in anyway related to a once living human being. My theory n the struggle that you heard in your room could have very well been a spiritual battle going on between good and evil and your protection. That is where I turn to my spiritual guide book the Bible for help. If you do not want to be tossed around by evil, God gives us spiritual armor that evil and satan cannot penetrate. Grab that Bible of yours and read Ephisians Chapter 6.

    • 🙂 🙂 It would be difficult for most people to figure out my belief system – wishy washy? 🙁 – as it is tainted with many years of my Christian back-ground and yet, very accepting of others belief systems – why not? No one can be absolutely sure – that’s my opinion.

      Your theory regarding a battle between two entities of opposing sides had occurred to me, perhaps one attempting to inhabit my body whereas the other preventing it, and, because of related experiences at the time and in that vicinity, that theory seems the most likely. Well no offence jk, I was able to fend off these attacks without the Christian bible (which I regard as a book of history and moral code) by my side. It works for you and millions of others, whereas my own belief system works for me.

      On the question of invisible entities or for that matter some visible but spiritual beings not being former human beings, there is a big question mark there and, I would be very reluctant to agree with you especially when one listens to the numerous accounts by credible individuals, which clearly indicate when one discards one’s physical body, the soul/spirit/consciousness or whatever one wishes to label it, continues to survive, making appearances from time to time – something like Jesus to Mary Magdalene and his desciples and my late mother to me.

  5. the foundations of the world are lies built off of lies and so on. all things closed will open with great study but are still subject to lies. that which is learn must be brought into action to reveal the truth about them. the laws of this universe cannot be subject to lies. words are for communication and actions for justification. what are your ideas to the truth in action. what is one person to billions and how is a personal view right to what billions are subject to?

    • Hello Michael,

      I’ve been trying to make sense of your input – perhaps if you could clarify what you are trying to put across. In one sentence you say this world is founded on lies and all hidden things even after delving into them are still lies. And, basically you question how one’s personal view if not aligned with the majority can be right.

      Is it possible for you to be more specific as I find it quite odd to say this world and all within it is a lie. How can it be so when, – to use your own words – not only one individual perceives and exists in this tangible world but billions of people including other creatures and species as well and, you and I know that to be a fact. And on the question of one’s personal opinions – whether right or wrong, one’s ‘personal opinion’ is exactly ‘that’ and is based on one’s outlook, belief system, experiences/influences, personal judgement, intelligence and many other factors. There will always be a difference of opinion amongst the human race because we are a free thinking(hopefully) creature and thankfully are created thus.

      Michael, would you please care clarify your statement.

    • It ain’t my view it is God’s view and not one persons belief but 3.1 billion living and breathing today. In order to stay away from big numbers, in 2009 an extensive study put the number of people on earth that consider themselves Christian at 33% of the world’s population. I;d say something must be happening for that many people to believe in Him.

      • A ridiculous statement.

        Why cant people like you see how egotistical you are? You think you know everything and anyone else who has different ideas or beliefs about anything is wrong. Worse yet people like you ridicule and look down on others who dont see things the way that you do. I have sit here and let you preach your message but I grow tired of the shoving of it.

        Your logic is amiss. It doesn’t matter how many people believe or disbelieve something – that has no bearing on whether it is the truth. Shall we start quoting statistics of how many people are atheists? Or how many are Muslim? Or how many people believe in reincarnation? I could go on and on but anyone who reads these comments and has any intelligence can see it all clearly.

  6. WOW dude that was a good answer! It really means that what people know is suported by lies. And how can you tell what’s true? No body wants to care, i mean come on the concept is scary. Fighting thousands of years of lie after lie. In the end you wonder if your good or bad. I’ve noticed that lies sit better as truth now then truth does. As i have seen, most people who believe in Jesus they have no clue of his life. Just yesterday a guy said Joshua was his name but if you read any scripture it is writen that his name was basically “he who save his people from sin”. Translated to Jesus in most modern lang. The same meaning. We know him as Jesus but he wasn’t called by that name often. “Son of Man””Son of God””Word of God””First born” but most of all by his true name “Savior”. All know the Son and all will drop. Maybe not now but no matter how you think you are every partical of your body will bend to our fathers will. When you think about it it is not evil you fear but God. I’ve lived a long life and seen horrors that the youth of today could not comprehend. And in all that i have never heard more true words. God has blessed you Michael and you have given me hope.

  7. It could have been It could have been the light show? Lololololol . Wow, I’m not to say that it’s a ufo or not. But if they’re gonna say something, pssaele, don;t say something as retarded as that. Thatnk you retarded black lady.? Was this answer helpful?

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