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Visited and Scanned

This has happened twice exactly the same way, approximately 6 months apart.

I awoke at about 4 o’clock in the morning, unable to fall back asleep, fully conscious. Just laying in bed thinking about what I wanted to do with the back yard, when a strange irritating noise started. I figured it was just some kind of machine someone was running, a generator or something. But it was very strange in that it sounded as thought it was pulsating like in 1-2 second waves. I could literally feel the pulse through my body.

Wondering what direction it was coming from I realized it was just up. I wasn’t alarmed really, just annoyed because it was 4 in the morning. This went on for several minutes and the last pulse felt as though it “scanned” through my body from feet to head, and then it was gone. I felt it in every nerve of my body. Now I was freaked out, I felt violated.

I jumped up and shut the window. None of this woke my boyfriend. I found it strange, during the second time I had no recollection of the previous time it happened until I felt the scan, and it came rushing back to me. Exactly the same.

Now I wonder if I’m being observed by aliens, or some secret government technology. I read an account of something similar, only they witnessed a light beam passing through their body. I didn’t see anything, only felt energy pass through me.

I wonder how many people are being visited like this and are asleep.

Sent in by Melissa, Copyright 2011

  1. Wow very interesting, dont know if Alien or other technology but must have been frightening. Re your boyfriend still asleep, have found the same in many accounts, including my own experiences, where my husband would be so deeply asleep nothing woke him and visa versa when the visitations etc happened to him; seems that if others in the household then ‘they’ must do something to ensure a deep sleep though some break through it, maybe whats being done to a particular person means they cant be put in as deep a sleep. Will be very interested to hear if it happens again.

  2. When I read your personal account, I thought of Stevie’s blue light experience – perhaps in your case a scanner being use without the projected blue xray light??

  3. Wow, I thought I was the only one that heard and felt the pulse ….I reside in California, was the pulse, nation wide or worldwide ?

  4. I have had this experience, but only once. I used to live in a very remote area in Utah, and I remember waking up at 3 A.M. About 4 years ago hearing a very strange, echoing noise that was getting louder and louder, closer and closer to my bedroom window. I remember staring at the window scared out of my wits as the sound was obviously right outside my bedroom window. Suddenly a sharp, high pitched sound started to radiate through my bedroom, but mostly through my brain. I saw a bright light, and I remember the force of it was so strong that It actually forced me up to a sitting position. I was unable to move, completely frozen. At last it stopped and I remained stuck in that sitting position for at least twenty minutes before I felt safe enough to lay back down. I’ve never believed in anything supernatural or extra terrestrial until that night. To this day there’s no logical way to explain what happened other than to associate it with extra terrestrial. I’ve stayed in that same bedroom hundreds of times since and I have not witnessed it again.

  5. I live in Sydney, Aust and I had a “scan” thing happen about 2yrs ago. I have had several ghostly encounters but never this before. I don’t know what time of night it was but I was semi asleep and laying facing the edge of the bed which also faces the door, I fully woke up when I was aware of a humming thing coming through my door, I did not open my eyes. This thing started at my feet, worked it way up to my face, stopped there for about 10secs and went back down the body to my feet. This scanning thing had heat to it and I could feel the heat. I was scared but not terrified and I kept telling myself “don’t open your eyes, it’ll be OK”. After the scan, it floated out of the room very quickly and I went back to sleep. I’ve thought about this and it’s def a scary thing, I know it wasn’t a ghostly experience as there was a mechanical element to this experience. This is the first time I have ever sought some sort of other people’s experiences, I won’t talk about his verbally.

    • Hi Erie

      I’ve read some stories similar to yours. Only 2 or 3 months ago there was a story in the monthly up-date of new stories on the website ‘your true paranormal ghost stories’. Really wierd!

      Many years ago, whilst still living in Africa, I was suffering with a fairly long-standing tooth ache. It was so excrutiating that it adversley affected my concentration in the office at work for some time. My dental appointment was a few days hence but, because I was unable to sleep one night due to the pain, I decided I would see the dentist as an emergency case in the morning. It was just after 2 a.m when I heard heavy footsteps (possibly a man) approaching the rear of the building. I thought this person had to be up to no good at that hour walking down a very dark alley – possibly an opportunist thief as I once had my bag fished out of the open bedroom window facing this dark lane.

      To my utter shock and amazement the footsteps continued through the wall and into my bedroom (floor boards). This being entered through the solid wall on the side of my friend’s bed and round the foot of her bed (she was asleep), I shut my eyes so tightly as I didn’t want to see anything as the steps continued between the two single beds towards me and stopped close to where my head was. I was beside myself with fear, holding my breath, I thought I should have covered my head when I realised what was happening as my head was fully exposed. Almost instantly, I felt a “dense circle of heat” concentrated around my head only and wondered what he was doing to me.

      In the morning whilst brushing my teeth, I realised to my astonishment I had no toothache and then remembered what had happened early hours of the morning. It occured to me whatever this being did to me, it eradicated the excruciating toothache and simultaneously put me to sleep so that I did not need emergency dental treatment and saw my dentist at the appointed date – 3 days hence. My was tooth was extracted as I had an abscess and the dentist remarked that I must have been in agony, I replied – ‘not in the last three days’, but didn’t expand as he would have thought I was nuts.

      Here once again is the sensation of ‘heat’ – what in heavens name is going on! Most people wouldn’t believe this actually happened – yet it did – I wish people would believe my story – this world is stranger than ever.

    • I just had this last night and was awake and had scan from feet to head and I knew it would scan back down from head to feet again and just kept thinking don’t look . When over I did look around the room and saw bright light whites near door. I really felt it . Checked clock it wax 3.33am

  6. This sight wants me to put my postings on this so I shall but this works both ways if I post my remarks and etc, then I hope you’ll extend the favor by posting the remarks. About UFO/aliens some people think because of not having direct contact with them that ALL ALIENS ARE DEMON! Let us use some form of logic: 1. Demons do not need a UFO (flying saucer) 2. Not all UFO/aliens are bad or demon but have mankinds best interest in mind. 3. Yes, I have met several young LDS Mormon Church missionaries in the past that either they told me or some one else told me they were aliens. One of them told me that English, German, French, Spanish and other common languages are spoken on other planets. The Pleiadians for what I have heard, read seem to be in mankinds best interest. Not all of the reptilians are bad so again I have read. (this is up to debate). Because I was told by my late mother and the USA FBI and LDS Church that I’m too an alien knowing that I have abilities that humans don’t have a long list to post. Just because we’re hear and have mankinds best interest in mind doesn’t make us demons. On a return a postings stated that I should have a Catholic priest help me! (?) Now do tell just what is he going to do? I was a Catholic and even though I like some Catholics this religion didn’t do any thing for me. The LDS Mormon Church not only did the forefathers of this religion know about UFO/aliens long before the other religions thought that earth was the only place that had humans living on it and too in the universe. (WRONG) Are modern science have stated that millions of millions of planets have aliens looking like humans some more advanced then humans and maybe some not as advanced. Okay so I talk to a Catholic Priest about me being an alien this is what would happen first off the USA Government would not let this happen, then if they did he wouldn’t believe me because his religion doesn’t know that much about aliens. Most of the religions in the world do not know any thing regarding aliens. So, now I have wasted his time and my time. Why I’m I here? I have several ideas but I believe THEY don’t want me to tell. I have an experience going on 11 years ago when THEY gave me full instructions and details about how to stop floods, wild fires, droughts, low rivers, etc. What did the USA and the media show as to interest? This: A HUGH BIG ZEROOOOOOOO! I along with the public library in my community spend time and money typing several letters to the media and the Government. I have on other sights posting this story. Now I’m a Mormon and have been for going on 24 years now. I’m a Freemasonic Lodge member going on 32 years. What I don’t want and what I don’t need is some one answering my postings trying to tell me what I should do, think and related! I’m I going to hell? I can answer this one right now! NOOOOOOOOOOO, WHY? Because I have been what some of the other religions call born again! So, keep you’re religious attitudes and thought to yourself! Thank you! Now if you can keep you’re religion who I might not agree with out of the postings and etc, asking normal questions I’ll do my best to answer them. Keep in mind that not all humans are good nor are all of them bad this is the same thing with UFO/aliens. What makes me good, several things but this sight is not to tell how good I’am nor other factors related to this blowing ones own horn! Rather it is used for sharing information you learn from me and I learn from you. Have a good day Jerry Biddle USA

  7. In the USA I can not answer other countries, they listen in on people who they think are abducted or aliens, etc. On the National Program called 60 minitues they should this place it’s located in Virginia and not only do they tapped these individuals lines but too when one makes a long distance telephone call and key words like I’m going to b———— and I’m going to k———– and other related words the computer automacally tapps this telephone conversation. For security reasons which I feel on the governments part this is a good idea! Why listen on one Jerry Biddle? Because he the aliens have a huge interest in him and he has been abducted. Any one rather they know it or not that has been abducted the telephone line is tapped one of the former guest on the Coast to Coast Show (NO DON’T ASK ME HIS NAME!)He told me in a letter that his telephone is tapped. I have had weird things happen in the past regarding the telephone too long of a story for this sight to post. Pat and others ask me good questions, I wished I had the good answers. Slowly I’m getting them not by the Church telling me not by the USA Government telling me rather sights like this and too the internet in general. The UFO/alien situation is very complexed as all of you might know! I have some new thinking regarding aliens and the like. I have ruled out they are demons! If you studied demons they have a thinking abilities of a 8 year old! Think don’t jump on my statement read the Bible about them! Why low thinking because God hasn’t given them good answers they have proven themselves not worthy of good information! Do I believe the governments shall tell the truth about UFO’s/aliens my answer: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, NEVERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! DON’T COUNT ON ITTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT! Thank you for reading my postings Jerry Biddle from the USA

  8. Hi there,
    Wow first thing first. English is not my first language so please forgive me for any grammatical mistakes. I am so glad today, 12th of June, 2014. I have finally found few people who have experienced this situation. I am from Nepal, a small country in between India and China. I was in Perth, Australia for more than 5 years and I just came back to my home country about a year ago. I had the same experience when I was in Perth. Because I already had a ghost experience 8 years prior to the day when the scanning thing happened, I knew that the scanning was not a dream or anything as such. I was FULLY AWAKE, when this happened. I was lying in my bed and all of a sudden this weird wave scanning like thing started to scan me starting from my feet, then slowly moving to my head. It was sending waves like waour waour waour waour waour waour !!!!, kinda like in the sci fi movies you hear the pulse wave sounds, if you know what I’m trying to say…. It stayed in my head for like 5 seconds then it moved slowly back to my feet, it stayed there for like 5 seconds and then again it slowly started moving towards my head. This continued for like more than 4-5 minutes I guess. I thought aliens were here to give me some powers or something haha.. Anyways.. I have noticed that I see synchronized time like 11:11, 10:22, 2:22 even if I look at the clock randomly. Even my friends noticed that time synchronization thing when they used to travel with me.. I am in Nepal, if any one who have experienced this and are planning to visit Nepal can contact me so that we can have a chat about it.. Goodness bless you all !

    • I had a strange experience about three years ago. I was awake, laying in bed when a mechanical light came into my room and stopped about 1 foot in front of my face. I had never seen a light like this one (I see orbs all the time, but they are what I consider natural). I spoke to this odd light and asked who it was. It replied, but I have no memory of what it said. It was like once it answered me, I forgot. Then I asked it what it was doing here and once again, it told me,but I have no memory of what it said. What I do remember is that I was completely okay with who this light was and what they were about to do to me.

      After we “met” this light started vibrating on the inside making the infinity shape. Then it continued doing this vibration with the infinity inside my forehead, above but between my eyes. Then it left.

      Does anyone have a similar experience or have any clue who or why they were here? Like I said they told me and I was fine with it. But why the infinity vibration?

      • I’ve had this too

        • When i was in highschool about 15 years ago, I was staying over at a friends house. We lived in a very rural town, cows, dairies, total population was less like 2000 or so. On the drive over to his house, I noticed a dead cow lying under a tree about a half mile away from his house down the road. I remember feeling a strange vibe as we passed but soon forgot about it. Later after it got dark i looked out the window and saw flashing lights coming from the direction of the dead cow. Because we lived in a rural area amd there was no moon out, it was pretty dark. So dark outside you could barely see your own hands in front of you. Seeing these flashing lights was bizarre because the closest neighbors were miles away. Me and my friend watched the lights for a bit and decided to go investigate. We grabbed flashlights and started walking toward the tree with the dead cow. When we were about 200feet away suddenly this insane vibrating noise hits me, very faint at first but the closer we walked the more intense it got. It sounded like a sub woofer but in my head. So low pitch and vibrating my entire body. I stopped but my friend kept walking, like he didnt even notice i stopped. I yelled at him “wtf is that?” But he claimed he didnt hear anything. A great feeling of dread and fear fell over me. Not from the dark but from the noise. My friend told me to quit being a pussy but i told him something was horribly wrong. I told him not to go any further. Pissed off he agreed and we started heading back. The noise slowly faded as we moved further and further away. Once we gotback to his house i explained the noise to him in full detail and he just denied hearing it again. To this day i have never heard the noise again. On the way home the next morning i noticed the cow was gone, not a trace left behind. My friend continues to deny hearing the noise still however changes the subject very quickly whenever i bring it up, almost as if he is more traumatized by the event than i am.

  9. A few weeks ago, in 29 palms California, I woke up very early. It must have been about 530am…….. COMMENT MOVED TO

  10. This just happened to me except my head was scanned. I called on jesus christ and it stopped , i was scared. I always have outer body experiences ect i don’t understand why

    • This Happened to me too and I was in China. I also called on the name of Hesus then it stopped. The following night it came again for a short time I prayed then it left. I asked friend if they experienced the same thing. It was so weird and nothing like i’ve Ever experienced. I thought it being strange. We are certainly surrounded by other being. May God almighty creator of universe help useunderstabd these mystery.

  11. Wow! I’m glad I came across this site…because for the past 3 years I’ve been wondering if I was the only one who had this happened to. Back in August 2011, at around 3 a.m. I went to sleep (been having a hard time sleeping at that time since I suffered from severe chronic migraines every single day). I went to my living room and laid down on the sofa, and closed my eyes. I know I wasn’t fully asleep and I was very aware of my surroundings. For some reason, I thought someone turned on a light (even though all my lights in the apartment were off). Suddenly I couldn’t move, I couldn’t open my eyes, I was paralyzed, then heard this buzzing sound that is hard to describe. I felt the back of my head getting scanned and a voice in my head told me not to be scared, it’ll be over soon. As quick as it happened, it was over. When I opened my eyes, I bolted off the sofa and turned on all the lights in my apartment. I’m not sure what to make of it, no one really believed me (at least in my family) about what happened to me. But I do know something strange happened that night, because after that event, I am no longer suffering from severe migraines. Whatever happened to me, kept me awake for days at a time, I wasn’t able to sleep and finally when I did, I slept with the light on. Yet, whatever it was, I must be thankful because I no longer suffer from the agony of those migraines.

    • Hi Elle,
      Amazing! I believe your story.

      When you felt you were being scanned, did you feel a measure of heat around your head? I believe this could be unsolicited ‘true spiritual healing’.

  12. I’m not even sure how to describe the feeling I felt at the moment. I didn’t feel scared but I felt like I was being handled with gentle care. I do know that my head felt kind of funny, like fuzzy. Like if someone would of wrapped a blanket around it to make it comfortable, if that makes sense. Still to this day, I’m not sure what exactly happened, but all I know is that my headaches are no longer affecting me.

  13. I have been scanned just 2 days ago, humming noise and new instantly I was being scanned, strange no fear then I went back to a deep sleep. April 2015 near Geelong, Australia.

  14. Yes I have been scanned or rayed by some sort of craft, I’ll tell you what happened When I was about 19 I got woke up by a really crazy type of whirling slight jangling high intensity noise which I think was light sounds which I’ve never heard before or since, the sound was amazing and it seemed to be getting closer as it got closer I was unable to move so I was getting pretty freaked out so it eventually ended up above me and stayed for about 10 minutes I think, anyway while it was above me I could feel my self been rayed like they where checking me out for some reason I couldn’t move while this ray of some kind just kept on recording me eventually it stopped raying me and started to slowly move away as the craft sound slowly decreased I started to get movement back so I jumped out of bed to the window to see if I could see anything waking up my girlfriend at the time which I told her what just happened, she thought I was mad the next day I rang the local airport to ask them if any body had seen or heard strange things last night the bloke said no but he was trying to ask me lots of questions which seemed a little bit strange, to this day I know I was scanned rayed for some reason all those years ago I am 50 now so its 30 years since that happened.

    • Hi Neil. I literally had the same experience happen to me! I even got up and checked the window after it was done too! Lol
      Except I didn’t call anyone and I think I was around 17 at the time. I’m 32 now .
      I was on my back just about to fall asleep at my girlfriend’s house when I
      Felt a warm like gust of wind pass my body and then I felt like i was being scanned.
      It made a wisping sound as it scanned my body that got faster and more high pitched till it stopped.
      I was fully aware of what was happening but was to scared to open my eyes. As soon as it ended
      I woke my girlfriend at the time, checked the window, went to another room and
      Didn’t go back to sleep. My girlfriend thought I was crazy lol
      To this day I never sleep on my back for fear it will happen again.
      I’m glad to know I’m not the only one

  15. I have had the same thing but I don’t believe it to be alien. Mine travelled across my body, was woken in the early hrs and the was also like a humming sound. Happened in nz a yr ago or so. Didn’t feel scared as such and went back to sleep. I am searching google trying to find more experiences

  16. Was scanned around 4am today 1-15-16! Same accounts as in other stories above. Weird! I usually have sleep paralysis frequently but nothing ever like this and usually can’t move in sleep paralysis but this time was diffetent. I woke up due to neck pain that I have for about 10 days now. After I woke up and readjust my head, a beam of blue light scanned my windows, and ME, vibrations from head to toe, back and forth, for about 10 times. The remote control I had in my bed lit up like a flashing multi-color christmas tree. As soon as the ray of light and vibrations were gone I was able to move. It did not feel like I woke up, as it usually feels with my sleep paralysis, because I was already awake.

  17. I had been to a friends house and while walking home I heard like a little helicopter or drone sort of thing behind me but did not look, and my body was scanned from foot to head, it felt like rubber bands and static electricity going from foot to head, im a 37yo gay male with bipolar, this was at Morgan St Kingsgove NSW late 2015. My skype is morganindigobell if you have any information of what this is or want to know more.

    • Had the same thing happen, walking to a friends. They told us a few years before, that cut wood they got scanned by a bright blue light, we picked on them for years. Until one night my husband and I was walking to his house. And a bright blue light showed up on the ground. Went right over us and we both looked at each other and ran to his house. Country road in Hope in.

  18. About 3 years ago I was in bed and had my eyes closed. I was not asleep yet. When I opened them I saw a “mechanical” light hovering at my head. I saw a mechanical light because I see orbs all the time (a natural light). When I saw this mechanical light (similar to an LED light), I asked it (in my mind, not out loud), “who are you?”. This light responded to my question but the only thing I remember was me saying “ohhhh”, as if I knew this light. Then I asked it “what are you doing?” Once again, it told me, but I have no recollection of its response, just mine. I remember being totally okay with what it was here to do (to me). Next, I felt a weird pulsating wave and “felt” that this light was starting to do something. The waves were making an infinity symbol (I ‘knew” this, but did not see it). Then it did the same thing to my forehead and I felt this infinity wave doing something between my eyes.

    I have three sons and all three have seen UFO’s around our house (we have dense pines and a river around and behind our house).

    Does anyone know what this was? Whatever it was, I seemed to know it and was fine with what it was doing to me.

  19. i had this expirence lastnight at 4 a.m, i was half alseep, i was watching family guy and i heard the whole show so i wasnt fully asleep, i felt a weird buzzing noise in my right ear, and i felt it in my brian, i was like a viabrating, i was fully awake, i was looking at my door, i heard a voice saying were always around, even if you cant see us, we are there. it stopped after about 15mins. first thing i did was check the window, and my porch door. i didnt see anything. my wife was sleeping beside me, i tried calling her but i couldnt speak.. i asked if i was calling her name she said no. i asked if i was having seizure she said no.. freaked the shit outta me.. i need answer if this will happen again.. please and thanx

  20. looks like many of us have had this experience but we don’t exactly know what it is.. for the 4th time this has happened to me starting back in 2007 i think last time was two nights ago while i was camping up in the mountains of Utah (by myself) same thing every time… buzzing noise.. warm vibration scanning thing from feet to head then after a calming feeling but of course i couldn’t go back to sleep after that… i know that i have to be part of something else besides this earth..i have been experiencing things (alien related) since i was 7 years old..the one thing i don’t understand is why all this experiences but nothing else going on.. no direct physical contact but only through dreams. if someone is interested in my personal experiences let me know i will gladly share them.

    • I would love to listen to everything you have experienced – dreams, encounters (scans) &/or contact with these beings…

  21. I wonder the same thing. What’s the purpose and do you think our direct contact is through dreams? I have alien/UFO odd stuff happen before, including visits in dreams.

  22. hello,,,,i was watched by an brite orenge orb when i was 15,,,,my freind was with me he saw it ,,,,then it shout off like nothing on this earth,,,,,im 59 now and live in the phillipines,,,,,about 2 mounths ago wile coming up threw the jungle by way of the banana plantation,,,,,wam,,,,i was frozen in place,,no pain,,,i let it happen,,,,i could feel somthing from my feet ,,,go up threw my body and out my head,,,then it was,,,,i thout it was a start of a stroke but nothing ,,,i just kept walking home,,,

  23. I had a scanning, blue light experience in November of 1989. I lived in Southern Indiana. I had graduated from college the year before the incident. I was underemployed, depressed, and living at home. I thought all of my troubles would evaporate if I could find a good job and nice boyfriend. (Laugh!) I had gone to my paternal grandmother’s house for the Thanksgiving holiday to visit with family. When I got home, I started getting an awful headache. I went to bed early. I knew that I had to get rid of the headache for I had to work the next day. After lying in bed, tossing and turning for hours, I finally gave up hope of falling asleep. My thoughts turned to all of my problems and I felt afraid and sad. (Odd, but I didn’t feel especially happy after visiting with family at the holiday get together.) I feared that my life was never going to get “on-track” and that any talent that I might have had was lost by the age of 23. (How we admire and worship youth in this culture!) Suddenly, I heard a high pitched sound in my ears that was all but deafening. It became loud and intense. I felt a quick adrenalin shot of anxiety and fear and immediately started praying “The Lord’s Prayer”. As I prayed, a light formed out of the darkness at my third eye and expanded into a laser like band of intense blue light that was perpendicular to my body. The light traversed the length of my body and then collapsed back to a point of light at my feet and disappeared. When the light disappeared, the humming sound disappeared. The headache and terror was gone and I rolled over and fell asleep. I told my mother about the experience in the morning. I had a boyfriend a few months later and I told him about the experience. A few years later, I went back to school to study science. I have spent 20 years involved in science research. The blue light experience changed how I viewed reality. I became a vegetarian and still am one. I explored religions other than Christianity, yet still have a strong commitment to Christianity. I felt like the blue light encouraged me to study science. (Doesn’t make sense, I know. I haven’t been particularly happy in science and the pay has been low. In fact, I am ready to chuck the whole career and try something new.) I never had another experience like the one blue light experience.

  24. Very interesting experience Mim,

    In my humble opinion, “The Lord’s Prayer” is incompatible with the direction taken by you since your ‘blue light’ experience. Partial side-lining of Christianity for the exploration of other religions is tantamount to embracing the present day forward thrust of the world view of globalism, multi-culturalism, humanism, vegetarianism, ‘everything goes’ mentality – the move to ‘the’ popular radical one ‘green’ world system. (The general present ‘new age religion’ taught in schools, colleges etc. by the leftist media and other like-minded associations lurking in the back-ground).

    This ‘blue light’ experience is real and paranormally linked to the supernatural or what is sometimes associated with ufo/alien activity as far as one can see. Personally, I feel these signs are probably part and parcel of the ‘marvellous signs’ predicted in the Christian bible before the end of this particular world/Earth cycle.

    • All,
      I became a vegetarian because I don’t like killing and torture. As a Christian, the crucifixion represents torture. How rejecting the need for torture on this planet relates to paranormal activity, I haven’t a clue.

  25. Good to see other people have had a similar experience to me, which either means I’m not crazy, or we all are! I slowly was awakened by a gentle buzzing noise locked onto the diameter of my brain and scanning from the middle to the front. Then it would turn off and repeat, so, making multiple passes. The noise was what painted the picture for me. That picture was like the shape of a staple, (like out of a stapler) locking onto the exact width of my brain, then the top of that staple rotating down over the surface whilst the sides stayed locked. Then when it turned off then on again, the sides snapped precisely onto the exact width again. The scan seemed to be just the frontal areas.

    But the funniest thing was as I was groggily aware of this (the soft buzz noise and sense of measurement woke me) it was like a thought entered my head from whoever, saying “He’s awake.” And this caught them by surprise and the last scan I heard was sort of interrupted and stopped as they realized this. Then I just very peacefully and soundly and deeply went back to sleep. It’s like they were scanning and then one of them got a surprise that I was awake when I shouldn’t have been.

    I had zero fear, I enjoyed it, if it was real — and I hope they weren’t just scanning but making positive modifications! Hence I’m ready for a new superhero movie starring me! I did not get a sense anyone was in my bedroom.

    Only clues for others is I have been extremely focussed on the subject of ET life recently and experimenting with consciousness and “contact” through consciousness, also believe I have experienced paranormal events in my life, so possibly all connected and no random experience. Fear is the issue you have to drop — embrace it and welcome it in.

  26. My scans started to happen the beginning of 2017. I’ve actually awoken to full physical contact from the greys. One time I woke to a group of short greys that surrounded my bed. One did telepathically communicate with me. He said, “There she is.” I screamed my head off and passed out. I woke back up laughing because who would’ve known aliens are real. I mean, I was never interesting in aliens until they started visiting me. I was visited by a tall grey next.

    My subconscious was warning me to wake and I did. I opened my eyes to a pair of large deep eyes hovering directly over my face. The tall grey stood up to its full hight and seemed annoyed that I woke and caught it staring at me. I tried to communicate with it but we couldn’t get on the same frequency waves. His telepathic language was static in my head. The tall grey disappeared into my bedroom wall. Of course that freaked me out. The scans grew more and more intense. The body scans were uncomfortable. They made my veins bulge and my muscles constrict. But the brain scans were the worst. I was calling on the saints and Jesus and the angels. It felt like my mind was being deconstructed.

    The greys that visit me don’t have an emotional body so it’s difficult for them to understand that they’re causing harm to me. I think of the greys like scientist that goes out and tags wild animals for research purposes. Sadly, I know exactly how a wild animal feels that is taken from its environment, drugged, experimented on, tagged with a tracker and released back into the wild. I tried sending them love during the scans but they don’t respond. It’s kind of like they have a barrier that’s hard to break through.

    My experience with these aliens are strange because my contact is physical. I can see these alien beings. They’re appearance is frightening. I’ve been told they the greys are here to save their race. They take women eggs and men sperm to help further the race because they can’t procreate. The greys don’t have a sexual body either. They have great intellect. I’ve also been told that they don’t have souls and since we do, they’re curious about us. They’re not supposed to do soul experiments but some do. Some greys steal fragments of souls from me and try to recreate a soul themselves. They’re still scanning me today.

    Since 2017 I’ve been afraid of going to sleep because I hate getting scanned and I hate waking up to odd alien beings in my face. I know the group of greys that visited has been visiting my bloodline since ancient Egypt. Know that I know they’re real, I haven’t slept much.

    I’m more paranoid about the visitations now. I hate being paralyzed and poked and prodded. The greys aren’t evil. I just think they need to explore love and emotions more than trying procreate with us.

    • Me too. Greys , sometimes many. Sometimes scans , sometimes a feeling of them feeding on energy . Not scared at all but they bother my two year old and spot them before he begins crying in his sleep so it’s real

  27. Traveling to Kalgoorlie from Perth about 12 years ago got scanned like an electric shock up one arm down to left leg then right then out my right arm while driving often wounded if i was the only one ……macka

  28. I had the same experience everyone has had, my entire body was scanned at 4am in the morning and my dogs were acting strange and was afraid to move. Glenda

  29. I have had these vibrational/electrical ‘scan’s. I have experienced it about 6 times. I am in sleep state but I am consciously aware of what is happening but quick to forget that it happened. At the time I am quite relaxed with what is happening. It moves from the feet to the head. I am a Spiritual Healing Medium and a developing communicational Medium and believe that this is the Spirit World (Evolved Beings/Guides) giving me Spiritual Healing while in a restful state, but I’m not 100% sure! I do believe in aliens… we would be stupid to think that we are the only physical beings in an infinite universe! The strange thing is my dogs sleep in my bed with me and I really don’t understand how they aren’t distracted with this. I have experienced the Spirit World since I was a child. I am comfortable and happy with it all now but still have many questions- such as this one! I often Astral project in sleep state and commune with wonderful Spirit energies. It took me a while to find this thread- I was about to give up looking!

  30. I’m searching the internet for answers. I’ve been feeling pretty depressed lately and not really certain where I’m supposed to be in life nor what I am supposed to do. I have been praying on this topic and really working on my relationship with God. Yesterday was an unusual day for me, I spent most of the morning telling myself that I need a reset, I don’t know what that means, but I knew I needed one. I was exhausted, I took a nap and ended up sleeping through most of the day. Somewhere around 3am I woke through almost like a feeling of sleep paralysis, only this was very different. I’ve had this experience with ghosts multiple times throughout my life, but never like what I experienced last night. I laid on my back with my eyes sealed shut, frozen and briefly terrified bc I didn’t know what was happening. Suddenly, I had a whirling sound going around inside of my head and around my brain, and I began to focus on the sound. There was a white light that began scanning my brain and I could see it happening in xray vision. I remember thinking to myself this is it and then for a brief moment there was a sense of peace that all of my issues would be fixed. I could see 2 gray faces with large black eyes. They were extremely short. But I didn’t focus on them for long, I went back to the sound, like a white noise, it was unusual yet comforting. I tried to communicate with my fiance and niece telepathically during this experience, but there was a blockage. Before they left about being that i could not see and was definitely not in the room said, “we’re moving on” and then I rolled over and went to sleep. I don’t know that I feel any different this morning, but I really want to understand what occurred. I do believe this isn’t my first visit by aliens and I think I have seen a UFO once in my life.

  31. I am so glad I found this! I woke up to a pressure over my body and then I saw a scanner type light (green mostly) and it started scanning from my throat down. I felt some pressure while they were doing this but no pain. When it got to my upper stomach it scanned back and forward about 3 or 4 times. At this point I tried to push the energy/pressure away but a few voices started saying a little agitated not to do it, so I agreed. It stop right at my hips. I was still able to move my arms and my legs. After the scan a grey hand started going into my mouth, I was able to grab it from the wrist and I said “please don’t do it” Immediately everything retracted and disappeared. I did not feel any fear during this experience.
    August 12th, 2019 (This experience ended at about 5:15 a.m.)

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