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Waves of UFO Sightings

Take a look at the many stories that can be found at the following web site:

The story about UFOs buzzing Washington D.C., the Capitol and the White House was a free for all for the UFOs. I believe the stories were published in Life magazine April 7, 1952, showing Marilyn Monroe on the cover.

Then thoroughly check out the story about Cordell Hull who was the Secretary of State under Franklin Roosevelt and cousin to Rev. Turner Hamilton Holt, whose family kept secret the crashed UFO since sometime during WWII. The partially disassembled craft was in a sub-basement of a building somewhere on Capitol Hill.

Maybe the UFOs buzzing around Capitol Hill and other areas (in 1952) was an effort to find a crashed UFO formerly stored in a sub-basement of a building on Capitol Hill.

Before the “Phoenix Lights” in 1997, which is posted at numerous web sites, there was an incident in Lubbock, TX in 1951. The similarity of these two incidents can easily be seen by the photographs taken which showed spheres flying in a “V” formation. I can’t recall, but I think they were all colored orange. The story on the Phoenix Lights can be found on this web site.

The story on the Lubbock Lights in August and September of 1951 can also be found on this web site. This story was so popular at the time that Life magazine did a story on the Lubbock Lights along with a few photos taken by some professors at Texas Technical College.

I could post a list of UFO sightings, nearly all shaped like orbs, spheres, or globes, and all of them glowing some shade of orange, most of the time.

You are free to connect the dots, and make comments.

Sent in by Gregory Brown, Copyright 2010

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  1. I find this particular story quite puzzling. Many years ago I read a book which listed hundreds of verbal and documented ufo accounts seen in the skies from ancient times to more modern times. Amongst the accounts was this particular one in 1952 over Capitol Hill in USA over a number of days and observed and witnessed by thousands of its citizens. If this was/is indeed factual and was reported in a credible magazine and the Press at the time, why is there this emphatic denial by the scientific community at large and the succeeding USA governments over the years, that there is no proof of extraterrestrial beings. Surely if we earthlings were not technologically advanced enough to manufacture such large airborne vehicles and in those large quantities at the time, who then were these bold beings flying over their air space so freely. I remember some of these vehicles were gigantic cigar shaped with smaller disc shaped vehicles entering and exiting what seemed to be a cigar shaped mother ship. The cigar shaped vehicle generated a cloudy mist from time to time engulfing it and obscuring its vision from view. Either the story was a fabrication and carried forward in ufo circles for years after the story was fabricated, or the USA authorities and scientists and in disgraceful denial. What is the truth?

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