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UFO/Aliens Discussions Sooner Or Later Turn To Religion

I have noticed that every time one talks about UFO/aliens sooner or later the subject of religion comes into play. Is there a connection? I want to share some insights with all of you! Yes religion is very important and I would be the first to state this. I want you to read my weird yet truthful comments.

A lot of you are too young and you don’t remember Russia after World War II (2). They didn’t like religion for the most part of any kind. This would take a long time telling this but I believe for the most part you might know this in you’re history lessons, etc. For fun yet being serious let me post this and it might shed some idea on the religious issue:

A UFO/alien lands in Russia and the alien talks to a Russian leader:

Do you earth people believe in God?

Russian: Of course not!

Do you think other parts of the World believe in God?

The Russian leader: I don’t know? I’m not allowed to leave Russia because we have an iron curtain around our city so I don’t know? I think they don’t believe either especially USA and a place called The Vatican! I think all humans believe like us in Russia!

Now the UFO/alien too his huge big surprise goes back to his planet which is light years away and he tells his leaders on that planet: They don’t believe in God we’re the only planet with human looking aliens that believe this! (?) Wow maybe I should of went to other countries on earth to see if they answer the same way!

Ezekiel's Wheel a UFO?

The Description of Ezekiel’s Wheel in the Holy Bible (Beginning with Ezekiel 1:16) is one of several scriptures that could be interpreted as a UFO Sighting

An older alien speaks up! We’ve already done this! We went to this college place and talked to a guy in the science class a professor I believe that’s what they called him and I asked: Do you believe in a God? He looked at me as if to say are you for real? Of course I don’t believe in a God! We came from monkeys and we started out as little fish billions of years ago! Then one of us decided to get out of the ocean and he started having legs and billions of years later he did this and he did that and when we the humans die we are BLINK! Gone no after life no this no that!

The young alien on his planet: So in our of these Universes we’re the only ones that believe?

Older alien: Yup punk you got that right!

Glorification of the Eucharist

Glorification of the Eucharist

Wow! So humans came out of the sea and millions on billions of years they started looking like us?

Old alien: Yup you brat now you’re understanding humans better!

Young alien again: When my craft (the UFO) was above a place called America I seen crosses and a star that looked different then a regular star (star of David) what’s with this?

Older alien: Oh, those places if you want to study our religion (that planet) these are signs showing you the place to learn about our different religions on our planet. We believe in a guy called Jesus Christ so you would go to that star place first then the cross place second. But remember dude the humans don’t believe in God like we do! We believe those earth people couldn’t come to our planet light years away so let us call the ones coming here gee lets see let us call them demons! No, that doesn’t have a ring to it so let us call them fallen earthlings! (their idea of fallen angels).

Old alien again: Yup that’s what we’ll call them! Fallen earthlings!

Young alien again: But they look like us!

Old alien again: Don’t trust them! They can change their looks like our angels so we’ll call them an Earthling of light! (angel of light).

So, when you read this non truth yet based on truth you can see things with a different angle can’t you? Thank you for reading this.

By Jerry Eugene Biddle USA

  1. Interesting. but there is a God. and jesus. Ghosts, Demons, Angels, God and Jesus come from another dimension. I know because I have witnessed things that some people have not. Aliens also come from another dimension. my father was a German engineer, who communicated with aliens. All of these beings come from another dimension. I think Heaven and Hell may also be there. Aliens communicate with humans as a way to trick them.

    • Hi Carri,

      If I could put my 2 pennies worth of thought on the subject of demons and ghosts, then angels, then Jesus and finally God.

      Scientists are working on finding whether this universe is multi-dimensional, because that would answer a lot of questions which arise in their day to day work. They believe in physically being able to prove their numerous experiments rather than accepting the word of millions of people who claim to have experienced beings in a paranormal setting. Do I believe demons and ghosts exist? Yes I do because I have had actual experience of them. Where do they come from? I can only speculate that it has to be from another dimension and it would appear only some people have the sensitivity or awareness to perceive them. They are set in this category because they instil fear in humans by their very presence. (dimension being the acceptable word given by us humans as we understand it presently). In the New Testament and gospels, there is mention of ‘unclean spirits’ and in some cases a devil – which tended to takeover the body of certain people. ie. a mad man in the temple in Galalee, these unclean spirits were cast out by Jesus and into a herd of swine, which drowned in a nearby lake. An epileptic boy was also possessed by an unclean spirit (demon). And Jesus Himself, was tempted by the devil whilst in the wilderness. So we know they do exist, else why would the gospel authors mention these incidents.

      What about Angels and Light Beings – do they exist? There is mention of them in the Old Testament. So where do they hail from? Another dimension? Certainly not the same dimension as the demons, spectres and shadow people. Yes I do believe they are there and are able to project themselves in our world in various forms and that’s as far as I’m prepared to say on the matter. Unlike the demons, they instil calm and a feeling of well being to those they visit.

      What about Jesus? He was born of a human woman, whom I believe was artificially inseminated. He lived on Earth as a physical being and according to the New Testament, He claims to be from another kingdom – not of this physical world. If the stories in the New Testament relating his miraculous deeds are true, then it makes Him superhuman and probably a plant on Earth. Who artificially inseminated the virgin Mary and why exactly was there a need to do something so drastic? This is where there’s a big question mark for me, especially when one takes into account the writings of Genesis in the Old Testaments and the mingling of ‘sons of god’ who came down to Earth and earthlings. I believe there is a connection with those beings and the artificial insemination of Mary. This aspect is very controversial and there are conventional religious thoughts and some very radical and heretical thoughts on the subject.

      What about God? Who or What is God? The biblical ‘god’ of the Old Testament seemed to me to be very human-like. He was male/a man, he walked with Enoch, chattered to Noah, took Alija on a trip in his space ship to ??, arrived on the mountain in a space vehicle which terrified the people at the foot of the mountain, spoke to Moses on the mountain and gave him tablets with rules to follow, displayed fits of anger when his chosen people worshipped idols, he bribed Moses and displayed magical powers to pressurize the Egyptians to release his chosen people from slavory, he sent angels/emissaries to observe the debauched behaviour of the people in Sodom and Gomorrha because obviously he was unable to pop round himself, then destroyed these cities and their people with nulcear weapons. In the Garden of Eden, when Adam and Eve ‘supposedly’ disobeyed his orders, he walked in the Garden looking for them as they hid away, he reprimanded them and because they were embarrassed about their nakedness, he had a form of animal skin clothing provided for them to cover up their bodies. The Ark of the Covenant contained amongst other items, a communications device by which he was able to keep in touch with Moses and his companions. I could go on and on.

      So Who/What do we understand about this word ‘God’? There seems to be various perceptions of God. We were told when we were young, that God is everywhere, God knows and see all things even our most secret thoughts. God is omnipresent and pervades all things seen and unseen and God made all things out of nothing. The biblical ‘god’, it seems didn’t fit the bill – not for me anyway. Yet I know without a doubt, God is omnipresent and pervades all things, knows and sees all things even our most secret thoughts and has indeed made everything out of nothing.

      Sit still and quietly and be aware, and you will know this to be true.

      What do you think about my beliefs? Anyone can comment if they so wish, the more even better.

  2. First off thank you for posting the about about aliens coming to earth and they think that earth doesn’t believe like they do! Now on the subject are aliens demons? Do they come here to take away our belife system called RELIGION? I’m older then some of you who post you’re ideas. I find you’re ideas interesting and no offence at times with humor! If you read the Bible as I have for several years now keep in mind that I’m 71 years old yet hint hint looking most likely younger then some of you that post you’re ideas and related. In the what is commonly called the New Testiment it speaks very clearly about some DEMONS in a tree three or so young Christian men walk by these demons, the demons jump from the tree and they do a number on those young believers!Peter comes and then they run away! The demons told the young guys we know who Matt, Luke and John etc are but who are you? (!) as if to say you’re fair game! Peter goes to Jesus and Peter is confused! (?) I can see why! He tells Jesus if I hadn’t been there those demons most likely would of KELLED THEM! Jesus looks at him in a very serious way and said this: Oh He gave a name for these paticular demons and said you have to have a lot of faith and prayer to get rid of them!

    Now, let us look at this situation: On the Coast to Coast Show and too what I seen in person the Coast to Coast Show talk about shadow people and some of the guest feel that these shadow people might be either: Demons or from another dimention. Along time ago I came into this room and this individual was prior drawing demons, devil and other related things! Setting on his bed by him was this dark figure (shadow figure as if trying to get into his body!) It seen me and in a sinister voice said: “What do you want?” I looked over that direction as if to say give me a break! The next day this same person told others about his dream! And in his dream a demon was trying to get into him! I told him this wasn’t a dream rather it did happen! Now about aliens and demons. Not all aliens are bad just like not all humans nor animals are bad. When we can not understand things in a humans way of thinking we put labels on them with things we can understand like aliens, demons, from another world, another dimention etc. But repeat but for the most part we don’t know the real truth about aliens why? As I have stated numerous times the subject is very complex and too many different answers! In the Bible for example believe me I have read several different types of Bibles and too done research regarding this and related subjects. I have never read: The huge big craft came down (UFO) and these some looking human and others weird looking with huge big heads and large black eyes (the grays). No they didn’t need a Flying Saucer (now called UFO) they just come in!

    Do I believe aliens are bad? My answer on this subject again I have seen them and I have talked to them in person and in astro-projection. I’m not going to go into details because this is a postings not a book! Some of them seem to be very nice more nice then some humans! Others some grays and some reptilians eat humans! Do I believe this? Oh yes! Just look how many people especially children are missing per year, per month per day! At one time the FBI stated it was one million and they for the most part solved 500 thousand. I haven’t read the current figures but I bet it isn’t that high 500k! Why then are the aliens here on earth? Good question yes I know! Again what I have read and researched this: To take over earth because their planet was destroyed several thousand or more years because they got the bright idea of killing all animals thinking this would make them safe! But did it? At first yes, but with out all those different animals the planet slowly died! No flowers, no fruit trees, no other animals for food no this no that soooooooooo, they realized we’ve made a HUGE MISTAKE! We should of lefted things as it were! Now what do we do? Other aliens simple we’ll go into other space and find another planet like ours use to be! Looking and then bingo they found this place! They call themselves earth! But they have humans on it! What can we do? We’ll mix in with them looking like them, we’ll go underground and build bases and some of their higher officals shall cooperate with us! We’ll abduct some of these humans for research and others for food! They have so many on this planet they’ll never miss them (yes we well) and we’ll use these younger ones for slave labor then we’ll eat them! Some of them we’ll take back to our planet for food like they do the same thing with cattle, chickens, hogs, etc. Now were having a better understanding this complexed situation.

    Now again put yourself in this position: The Governments: Shall we tell the truth about all of this? So in one flash of light the human race shall kill themselves, start killing others because they think they are aliens, what? Oh don’t call the police because most of them have stopped their jobs and cashed in to live it up then either went to another area or worse again did themselves in (killed themselves). Do I Jerry believe this would happen if the real truth was told oh yes remember reading and hearing about that old radio program and some in the USA thought was for real! (?) So, what is the answer regarding this situation? I wish in truthfulness I could tell you! Do like I do maybe which is read, listen, research like this postings sight, internet, Coast to Coast Show if you can afford it books about this. Now that you have done all of this which shall take years by the way you’ll understand that the UFO/alien situation is very complexed and no one answer! If I knew I’d be the first to share with you! I’m doing my best right now! It is some thing that Bible reading and LDS Mormon Church and Freemason me has a huge big problem with! Life is much more complexed then what we we’re taught in school and other places! I look back at my grade school years and realized how dumb some of my teachers were! Yes you’re reading this right D U M B! They with their thinking would never beable to handled what you and others and myself are currently handling! Thank you again for reading my postings. Jerry Biddle USA

  3. I have heard several times not only on the Coast to Coast Show but other sources that the UFO/alien say they are either from the planet Mars or Venus yet our Science on earth state these two planets can not substain life on those planets. Some people think that aliens are coming from another dimention. I want to share some thoughts with you those who read my postings….

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  4. Just say to the alien “Jesus Christ” and see what it does. Now that will answer your question. is the alien a angel of light or a demon.

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