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Zecharia Sitchin and the Annunaki

Zecharia Sitchin spent nearly his entire adult life believing that he had hit upon the true origins of humankind, which he said were revealed by the Sumerians thousands of years ago.

According to his translations of ancient Sumerian texts on stone tablets, modern man (homo sapien) was the product of prehistoric man (Homo erectus) and an alien race known as the Annunaki.

Zecharia Sitchin was born in the Republic of Azerbaijan in Russia on January 11, 1920. Not long after his birth, his parents emigrated to what was then Palestine where Sitchin began many of his early studies of ancient languages.

After graduating from the University of London with a major in economic history, Sitchin served in WWII in the British Army. He moved back to Israel where he held a number of jobs, including a municipal clerk and a journalist.

Sitchin spent his entire life studying and fine tuning his theory. He believed that Nibiru (often called “Planet X”) still exists, but is only within the solar system every 3600 years after following a long elliptical orbit of Earth.

After spending years translating the texts of the ancient Sumerian tablets, he believed that he not only had another theory to add to the mix, but the one true origin of the planet and of civilization. But had he? Many scientists, archaeologists, and astronomers say that his theory has many flaws in it, including incorrect planetary alignments and manufactured translations and assumptions about the Enuma Elish or the Sumerian creation story.

Other interpreters of the Sumerian writings and the famous VA243 seal which Sitchin says depicts an advanced knowledge of the solar system and shows the twelve planets are in disagreement with him, saying that his translations are wrong. According to other translators and interpreters, the twelve dots that appear on the seal are not the planets, and the Sun symbol is not even on there.

Astronomers do acknowledge that there has been a similar theory of a planetary collision called the giant impact theory. This however relates more to the creation of the Moon by a celestial body colliding with Earth over four billion years ago.

There is also the issue of how a planet could survive thousands of years in complete darkness away from the sun. Sitchin had theories to answer those questions, however most of those theories have been classed as ‘junk science’ with no basis in fact. His belief that layers of radioactive waste kept the planet warm during its orbit was met with no support from the scientific community at large.

The Earth Chronicles

The Annunaki and the Creation of Humankind

The advancement of knowledge has often come from people willing to seek a deeper understanding. While many are content to live within the bounds of what science has determined, there are others who dare to challenge. This holds true of the late Zecharia Sitchin (January 11, 1920 – October 9, 2010).

Zecharia Sitchin is most known for are the books he wrote in relation to prehistoric human beings being genetically altered by an alien species known as the Annunaki. A series of seven books, known as The Earth Chronicles, were written by Sitchin starting with his most widely read publication, The Twelfth Planet, published in 1976.

In The Twelfth Planet, Sitchin makes the assertion that he has indeed translated the ancient Sumerian cuneiform texts from their original language to reveal not just another myth, but indeed the true origins of mankind. It was a very strong assumption to make, however he was convinced that these ancient tablets told the story that all other legends of civilization’s beginning had originated from.

From his translations we are told that the ancient Sumerian culture had an understanding of the solar system. He points to an ancient seal that appears to have a representation of the planets. However, rather than eight, there are twelve. The Sun, the Moon, and Pluto accounted for three of them… but what of this twelfth planet? Sitchin states in his book that the twelfth planet is Nibiru, which is beyond Neptune. From this planet, thousands of years ago, the Annunaki (which he translated to be ‘those from Heaven to Earth came’ or ‘those from above’) visited Earth and combined their genetics with prehistoric man to create a race that would have the physical strength of the latter and the technological ability of the former.

Indeed, it was not just the creation of humankind, but the very planet Earth itself that Nibiru was responsible for, according to Sitchin’s writings.

Nibiru, Marduk, “Planet X”, and the Annunaki

In his translations he claims the name of Nibiru was replaced with the name of the early Babylonian leader Marduk in an attempt to re-write history and make himself the creator of the planet. Nibiru is said to have collided with yet another planet that was supposed to have been located somewhere between Mars and Jupiter named Tiamet. This was the name of the Sumerian goddess that is mentioned with Marduk in the Babylonian creation story. When this collision of Nibiru’s moon and Tiamet occurred, Tiamet was said to have become two parts. One part crashed into the rest of the planet Nibiru and became the comets and minor planets and remained in its location between Mars and Jupiter. The second half crashed again into one of Nibiru’s moons and was pushed outside its orbit. This cosmic accident is what Sitchin said created the planet Earth.

Sumerian Seal VA243

Does this seal show an ancient knowledge of the solar system?

The inhabitants of the alleged planet Nibiru are the Annunaki, a race of extraterrestrials that were highly advanced technologically. Sitchin says that in many of the religions still practiced today, including Judeo/Christian beliefs had accounts in their holy books that make reference to the Annunaki:

In the Bible’s first book, Genesis, they are called the Nephilim, the angels that looked upon the women of Earth and desired to be with them.

In other ancient mythologies, they are the gods and goddesses that held so much power over the Universe and were often said to have had intimate relations with humans.

However, in Sitchin’s translations, the Annunaki had nothing to do with love or desire. It was a quest for more materials and riches, in particular gold.

The first humans were said to have been genetically engineered solely to be slaves to the Annunaki to mine the earth for resources, particularly in Africa. Sitchin believed that the Annunaki became greedy, and wars between themselves began to eat away at their once united front. It is alleged that the ancient city of Ur saw the downfall of the Annunaki where their numbers decreased due to the infighting.

Finally, the planet was left to the human beings engineered by an extraterrestrial race.

Zecharia Sitchin’s Theories are Criticized

Sitchin is criticized from all fronts, whether it is astronomers saying that his planetary measurements don’t add up, that his translations are incorrect, and that he refused to see the beginnings of the Earth and humankind as anything but his own scenario.

Even if the theories were faulty and had flaws that science has not been able to reconcile, Zecharia Sitchin has certainly obtained the respect of people who think outside the boundaries of what is seen and known. There are certainly some interesting points to consider, such as how many religions and belief systems in essence tell the same tale.

The ancient civilizations had gods and goddesses that were more than a little similar to one another. There are stories that are told and retold in different holy books that have many more similarities than differences.

Sitchin’s mathematical conclusions don’t add up to today’s Earth and solar system, but is it possible that in ancient times there was a different alignment?

There has also been ‘dark matter’ seen close to our solar system by astronomers that has scientists baffled as to what it actually is. The return of Nibiru?

Zecharia Sitchin Challenged Both Science and History

It is of course, in the end, one set of theories among many, and without some more substantial proof, it will remain just that – a theory. However it is only when the human mind stretches beyond what is known that new discoveries are made. If nothing else, Zecharia Sitchin challenged both science and history in his lifetime, and maybe at some point, some of his theories will be expanded upon and another searcher for the truth will find missing pieces to the puzzle.

Written by Angela Sangster, Copyright 2011

Here is Zecharia Sitchin’s 12th Planet audio book. Anyone who is interested in Sitchin and the Annunaki as well as many other mysteries about the past should take a listen. I read this book myself a few years ago and was fascinated by it. There is a lot to think about here! ~ David Slone

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What do you think about the theories and ideas of Zecharia Sitchin? Feel free to post your comments below

  1. I have read several of Sitchins books and whether or not everything he says is right or not this really gives one a lot of interesting ideas to consider. If you are into ancient mysteries and ruins and the strange knowledge our ancestors seemed to possess this stuff is fascinating

    • I believe the introductory article on Z.Sitchins works is concise and to the point, fair and interesting.

  2. Great stuff. I have one of his books and haven’t read it yet. I think you have urged me to dig it out of the closet and check it out.

  3. Great stuff and a nice new hub. I have one of his books and haven’t read it yet. I think you have urged me to dig it out of the closet and check it out.

  4. Years ago when I first learned about Stichen’s theories I knew he was on to something. I also knew he was either missing something or misinterpreted something. Michael Tsarion’s work fills in many of the the gaps.

    In order to get the whole picture as accurate as possible, we have to use multiple sources of reference. Like now, the ancient peoples didn’t know everything, but they all contain pieces of the puzzle.

  5. Thank you, I am listening to Michael Tsarion right now and he does have some interesting thoughts. A short quote that may sum it up:

    “…history has been manipulated by powerful secret societies with bloodline connections to ancient alien visitors who crossed their own DNA with that of earth’s indigenous inhabitants…”

    I haven’t read or heard Michael Tsarion before you mentioned it but you can bet I will be reading and listening over the near future.

  6. I have been interested in Stichin for many years.

    We all wonder how and why we are here,reading Stichin

    one realizes he is a lot closer to facts in the GOOD book

    then most others.

    It’s hard for anyone to believe in something you can’t see,had we been brought up being taught from the Book of Stichin,then UFO’s would not be a cause for panic.

    That being said,from cradle to grave your belief was given to you by your teachers,Mom and Dad.

    So who’s right,I don’t know,will we know after death,

    I don’t know.

  7. Stichin mixes truth with lies,

    There is a hybrid bloodline ruling this planet for thousands of years but Stichin has close connections with the Vatican.

    Research it,

    He is correct to mention the Anunnaki, but the Anunnaki were not the Nephilim.

    The Nephilim were the offspring, the giants that walked the earth, but it was not the Anunnaki who lusted over primate female, it was the ‘watchers’ the generals who were here to watch and control the slaves, these were known as the Igigi.

    In the Hebrew scripts, the Igigi were the comparison to the Gregori Angels who were also known as the ‘watchers’

    The Igigi revolted against Anu, King of the skies, for they were sent here originally to mine the planet for gold. They grew tired of the workload and revolted so the Homo Sapien was created out of laboratory, literally, the DNA splicing between the Anunnaki and the primate man. The Igigi’s role was then shifted from slave to master and their job was to watch and control the homo sapien slaves. The Igigi lusted over the female creation and interbreeded with the homo sapien creating hybrid offspring who were the Nephilim.

    The Igigi or Gregori Angels were the fallen angels, the Anunnaki were the Hebrew comparison to the Elohim. The Igigi were demigods that produce the hybrid bloodline that control the planet.

    The bloodline still worship the fallen angels today and covertly carry out their plans.

    The Anunnaki banished the fallen Igigi for their crimes and sent the great flood to wipe out their hybrid offspring, saving the bloodline of Noah (in the Hebrew texts) for Noah’s bloodline was clean. However, despite the Fallen Igigi demigods being banished and imprisoned from Earth’s dimensional field, some of their hybrid bloodline survived the flood and has for thousands of years kept dominion over the planet answering to their hidden masters.

    Research the information, Stichin only tells part of the story!

    • In what way was Noah’s blood line cleaner than the offspring of the Igigi and the created slaves?

      • And according to Z. Sitchin’s interpretations of the Sumerian tablets, the two young girls who were impregnated by Lord Enki (one of mankind’s creators), gave birth to a boy and girl, these two, from what I understand, were Adam and Eve, who married each other – sanctioned by their biological father Enki, and gave birth to twin boys – Cain and Abel. Cain bludgeoned his brother to death with a rock and was bannished, exiled with his spouse who happened to be one of his sisters/half sisters. I suspect to the South American regions where he lived the rest of his days with his recognisable altered dna (not being able to grow a beard). The story is rather different from what we are told in the bible. This was what they termed the beginning of ‘civilized man’ and most certainly not the early creation of a being which they called a ‘worker’, created solely for the purpose of enslavement. This information can be found in ‘The Lost Book of Enki’.

        • Pat: Stand in line! Numerous, millions of different ideas regarding what you have stated. My numerous studies would say this about what you have just stated could be! WHO KNOWS? I have found this out wheather it is of any value or not who knows. But, repeat I gave you a huge down load on me now it’s you’re turn. Okay here we go: What I have studied and too heard on the Coast to Coast Show this regarding the Adam and Eve story: It had a 10ft tall wall all around it, one opening only, this is why they had an angels with swords going around 24 hours per day so Adam and Eve couldn’t return once being let out because of sin. Elohim and Jehovah (later would be Jesus Christ) and others made them out of clay, again the human body is made out of stuff from earth. Outside of Eden animals did the same thing they are doing now killing each other and eating etc. Some people even the LDS Mormon Church thought that Cain became black and lost his white-ness again just an idea. They do not go along with this any more. I myself do not one main reason a white person was visited by a black angel this was on one of those TV shows that tell truth and not fiction (again taking their word for it) So, if this angel of the most High was black then dinky goes the idea that being black is some type of curse or punishment theory! What I have geathered is God (Elohim) has many wifes and of different colors and races. I kinda buy into this idea some what! As to the snake now they seem to think it was the devil and not a huge snake like once thought. Again I go along with this because standing on the right and the left of Elohim are two angels with wings and if you read the description of them it fits again reptilian aliens. On that subject not all reptilian aliens dislike humans and too they feel sorry for them (the humans what is currently going on). What I really believe is this: The Bible is full of stories I mean stories! It is indeed written for our generation for the use of the Bible Code. Why? I have two different Bible Codes one came from Isreal the shipping alone was $ 17.00 and one I bought in the UDA not as much they are now in storage along with tons of professional recording equipment. Now that I’m really into computers doing the Bible Code would still be hard to some degree but in some ways a snap-course but that storage which I pay per month is a jungle. Now back to what I was saying I believe the Bible was made for this Bible Code deal. I know at one time maybe still the CIA which would be Englands idea of MI5/6 they too were very interested in the Bible Code deal. What I have been finding is this: Too many different ideas and etc, all of which sound and look good on paper! But the question is this who is correct! Even in the NDE’s (near death experiences) they all come up with different ideas, etc. I call this TMI= Too Much Information! I have at least a million questions! My late parents told me about the angel visiting them just before their death. I would believe them more then what I read or hear on TV. You do a lot of research do you work? What type of work do you do? Also Pat I do research as much as I can on other thing other then UFO/aliens. Tornados, life after death, history on some subjects, religion. Thank you for you’re postings by the way! Jerry Eugene Biddle USA

    • Hi All Seeing Eye,

      Actually, the Igigi where also Annunaki (who from heaven to earth came) but they were, I suppose more like the common man or probably working class of Nibiru. And yes they did in fact take upon themselves wives from the offspring of the earthlings created by the ‘godly’ Annunaki. If we are referring to the works of Z. Sitchin, even Enki the half brother of Lord Enlil (who was overall in charge of Earth matters and sons of Anu the king of Nibiru) lusted after earthlings, because on one of his water travels, he sees two young virgins frolicking on the banks and tells his companion not to ever divulge his sexual encounters with these two young girls who fell pregnant as a result. If my memory serves me well, there were question as to why the babies were fair in complexion and ended up with blond hair.

      • johni would like to point out that there is a force greater than god . every reiilgon agrees to it, even if they dont aknoledge it or beleive it. nothing. zip. zilch. nada. nothing. but in nothing there is something. the absence of everything. Chaos ascendant. we all know of it. many blame bad days and such as chaotic or whatever. science will take you back to .. nothing. there isnt anything before or after. the future is a lie and the past is a memory. time is meaningless. we are linear. Chaos and god,force of creation, all powerfull being, are one and the same. Humans have a need to beleive in something. its too scary to beleive in nothing. perhaps our fears stem from an uncontious knowledge left in our molecular make up that tells us that nothing is there waiting for us. a darkness where everything and nothing lies.Any Chaonite will tell you that as we are born of something so to do we return. but what of our spark? our souls if you will. they come from nothing and return to nothing. Chaos in life and chaos in death. only cowards beleive they have a reward waiting for them when they die. a delution of small men to controle other people. and I say men because all reiilgon is made by man. Women USUALY are more pragmatic about things.

    • Hello ‘All Seeing Eyes’, whilst I agree to some degree – (according to Sitchin), the Igigi were the fathers of the offspring called the Nephilim, but who were the Igigi and where did they originate from? They also came from the planet Nibiru and were therefore members of the Anunnaki – although from what can be gathered – they were ‘working’ teams which came to planet Earth – very much like British skilled expatriates who did contract work in third world countries for a stipulated contractual period in colonised African countries – rather than members of the ruling class.

      A point to highlight if we are discussing Sitchin’s cuneiform tablet translations is that Lord Enki(member of the Nibiru ruling class), who was Anu’s illigitimate son from one of his Nibiru concubines, along with his half sister (who were both scientists)and were instrumental in creating the hybrid between homo sapiens and themselves, also intentionally copulated with two young virgin twin sisters (indigenous Earth young women), who were seen frolicking along the river bank on one of his expeditions drifting down the river – with his minder. It was without doubt Lord Enki’s deliberate intension to impregnate the girls because he left his minder behind with the two girls to monitor the progress of the nine month pregnancies to the end and assist with the birth delivery of the babies and report back after the babies were born. (This was a secret between Enki and his minder). The infants were a boy and a girl – Adam and Eve – who were taken to his sister as abandoned babies – to be cared for as these two babies were beautiful and no different from the Anunnaki. Of course, Lord Enki’s sister suspected he was the biological father and did a DNA test which confirmed her suspicions.

      Noah is/was an offspring with Enki’s bloodline, therefore regarded as clean, that’s why he was saved from the flood to continue Enki’s blood line. Noah was not the offspring of the ‘Igigi’.

  8. The Anunnaki are a destructive race, they revel in two areas, that being love and war or being more precise sex and war.

    This is why modern man who has genetically evolved with the Anunnaki gene thrive on sex and war, just look around you in society and throughout the world and see how sex sells in a chaotic world.

    The kings and queens promote this ideology and even the slave mentality among us are influenced by love and war or sex and conflict, it stimulates the reptilian brain we have inherited through our hidden past.

    The Anunnaki brought nuclear technology to Earth and have a history of using nuclear weapons in their destructive past, especially in the great war between Atlantis and Lemuria.

    The last nuclear destruction on Earth was the obliteration of Sodom and Gomorrah as relayed in the book of Genesis.

  9. This video will open many minds, our hidden past????

    As relayed by the tenth tablet of creation.

    The windows of the soul.


  10. All Seeing Eye says that Sitchin only told part of the story. Sitchin said that the Bible was only an outline and filled it in with Sumerian texts and commentaries on other archeological findings. Multiman disagrees and quotes what — Hebrew scripts, another religious text. Thank you, but I’ll stick with Sitchin, Von Daniken, Neil Freer, and others, including the History Channel.

    • >D3STHello fellow hsnioapoems sapiens,we all are brought up to believe in the cultural stigma of the culture we were born into, hence muslims will believe in allah, christians will believe in Jahve, and so on and so fort,..,However, i believe that there is only one Godforce, and it is percieved diffrently by different cultures, and even different ppl in the same culture,I have no problem believing in the Godforce And sceience at the same time, in my opionion, they dosent exclude each other,on the contrary they supplement each other, sceience is just our way to try to understand the world we live in, we can explain, how the universe began, by studying, how it is expanding, and make an educated guess, that if its expanding, then it must by default have come from the same point of origin,(big bang) But what made it expand from a single point smaller than a subatomic particle??Well, for lack of a bettere understanding, i believe the Godforce did,and in the process, the Godforce implemented some rules (physics)that the world (universe) must obay, (gravity, motion, electromagnetic forces, mathmatecics, etc. etc) everything in the universe must obay these rules, gravity shaped the planets, stars and everything else, mathmatecics is the core of everything, we dident invent mathmatecics, they were around and shaping everything loooong before we Discovered them, The velocity that the universe is expanding whit, is precisely, and i DO mean precisely, the right velocity, for gravity to pull matter together to form objects (planets, stars)if it were any faster it would overcome gravity, and nothing would form, if it were any slower, gravity would overcome the expansion, and nothing would form, was that just by chance?? well maby, but i choose to believe that it was one of the rules implemented by the Godforce.But its all just a matter of perception, and as long as the Godforce actually hasent shown itself for us all to see, the evidence is just circumstantiel,..Remember,.. im just a product of the culture i grew up in,;)

  11. I think theres something to it, Ive never read any of Sitchin’s books, but I would like to. Some of his calculations may be off base, but I believe his theory is sound. They have supposedly found remains of giants from biblical times in underground caves in Utah. The Mormon Church has records of it.

  12. Hi

    If scientists and others disagree with Z. Sitchin’s ‘theories’, I think one ought to ask – is the information which he has imparted in books – theories coupled with fiction or, actual and correct translations from ancient Sumerian tablets? Surely there must be a way to find out. Are there no other researchers who are able and willing to translate cuneiform writings? Until this can be done, there will always be a question mark on Sitchin’s works.

    • I believe that a lot of it has to do with the current “status quo” not wanting to admit that they could be wrong. We see the same problems when it comes to the study of ancient Egypt…

      • Hi A.U.S.

        Do you mean the scientist and others do not want to admit they could be wrong discounting Sitchins works? If so – it’s a case of – as you say maintaining the status quo, not rocking the boat.
        Very strange – because I always believed they want to get to the truth – why then do we have all and sundry digging up the ground around the related areas and poking around in pyramids if not to find out the truth.

        • When evidence is found that challenges current ‘thoughts’ and established ‘beliefs’ there are many in academia who try to ignore, debunk, and deny without real consideration. This is most obvious when it comes to questions like “How long has civilization existed?” and “How old are the Pyramids?” There is a great deal of evidence that indicates the pyramids are much much older than currently taught. And as far as the Egyptian pyramids go the Egyptian government has blocked a lot of researchers from going in and they are keeping a great deal of their discoveries secret.

          We know that a lot of misinformation and outright lies have been taught to students in public schools. When I was a kid they taught that Abraham Lincoln was honest. He walked many miles to return a library book… all lies. We were taught that George Washington chopped down a cherry treee and then confessed to his father saying “I cannot tell a lie” the whole story is a lie. I could go on with more examples from both history and science where they taught “facts” in schools long after they were discovered to be untrue. Thats why a lot of people say you go to college to learn the truth about all the lies they taught you in public school.

          Yes, there are a lot of people who want to find the truth and who want to know what is really going on. Unfortunately it often takes the passing of a generation for strides to bne made in certain areas. Professors and Scientists too often have a vested interest in their own careers and books so if something challenges them they want to stamp it out lest they be found to have been incorrect about something.

      • I personally believe in the theory about “rocking the boat”. The boat we are speaking of is the rigid, planned structure of our thinking, imposed by whatever unseen powers that be. A british scientist once coined the term “panopticon”. This basically is a prison with unknown number of guards, unknown number and variety of surveillance measures, and the controllers lead you to believe that they are omniscient. DOES THAT SOUND FAMILIAR? This is why any idea that breaks from or conflicts with the established norm gets you labeled a radical, or a hippy, or a zealot,etc. Their control must be absolute, at least in their eyes, or it isn’t complete. Are we dealing with mondo paranoids or someone hiding something. Perhaps a group of mondo paranoids who are that way BECAUSE of what they are hiding. Just a thought.

        • Hello Robert,
          What does ‘mondo paranoia’ mean? That’s a new one for me.

          I believe the structure of our thought process is affected and formulated by what we are taught informally in our youth and academically at school along with experiences throughout our lives — including — in recent times — media, radio, TV, internet, books etc, this type of influence is willful on our part at a human level, as physical, biological, earthly beings. This, I believe is interspersed by subtle and not so subtle interventions and influences of an unseen omniscient, omnipresence which pervades all that is on this earth, this living ‘energy’ is even privy to our inner-most secret thoughts. I believe and know this to be true. Forget about the earthly close surveillance of humans by humans, it’s much more than that — believe me — it’s quite mind blowing! On the question of ‘rocking the boat’, it’s most probably a case of saving face rather than admitting documented historical errors.

          The ancient Indian gurus believed this world is but a charmed fantasy world and we (living creatures) as actors are playing a role (Like Elvis Presley’s song ‘Are You Lonesome Tonight’) and life after death is the beginning of reality. Food for thought! It makes one wonder who is/are the audience?

  13. I have read the above postings, finding them interesting but, I have heard this idea on the Coast To Coast Show numerous times! Keep in mind the Coast to Coast Show with the current George Noory is 10 years and the former was Art Bell. A person I knew told me that I should listen to this guy and indicated he didn’t like that new age theme song one would hear on Sunday evening called Dream Land. I do on my own a lot of research regarding UFO’s/aliens and related. Some problems with the above posting are these: Some people have what is called NDE’s (near death experiences) and while over in that area one could call Heaven they learn a lot regarding Elohim, God, Jehovah and Jesus Crist. I’m kinda interested and have two different copies in storage called the Bible Code. You don’t hear too much about the Bible Code as we did a few years ago. What I’m starting to think if the Bible is indeed writen in a Coded message it would the top (Bible verses) tell a story which might not of happen! Rather the underline message of this so-called Bible store is the real reason the Bible was writen. This is not some thing new. During World War II this coded message stuff went on my late father designed with my late uncle a coded message if the now called Air Force would of read his letter they’d think he was talking about going hunting when he returns to USA but the coded message talking about shot gun shells would tell my father his location and where he was etc. The story about Adam and Eve really read it with the idea of some thing more to this message, I’ll give you an example: Cain killed his brother Abel and he (Cain) was sent away then it states: He went to that other area because he KNEW HIS PEOPLE! Some might think he was turned into a black person and formly white, some think he was turned into a Big-Foot regardless what is true on this situation it doesn’t matter. What does matter is HE LEFT AND HE KNEW HIS PEOPLE. Some argue that he was marring his relation that Adam and Eve had other children etc. A form of incest one could say. But then again if this is the case then why was his other brothers and sisters sent away! One gets the impresson that Cain left his parents not because he wanted to rather get lost murder! Most religions would say that again it’s his other brothers and sisters. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t get this impression! Also in the Bible again there was a group of so-called humans and they were most nasty worse then Nazis they would come to you’re incampment kill you and use you’re head as a form of fence all around that village. God told the people who had favor with Him that you’ve got to kill them because they should of never been made and told His people kill or be killed strong message yes I know. God also stated that when they would kill them they would not be in Heaven nor Hell rather like bured a wood or rock never to be known again. Some Bible experts in the past have thought this race was a form of white/pale with dark blue thus called the blue people. Some of the UFO aliens seem to think this was the higher human race and thought highly of them. If this is the case this sure doesn’t sound good about this branch of aliens! A lot of rumors, ideas and related have been going on more in the 21st and latter part of the 20th Century regarding humans and UFO aliens etc. In the Book of Enoch and in the LDS book called Moses they talk about God/Jesus Christ creating different earths and God states some of those earths were so wicked they had to desroy that earth. Also as to the great flood, several reasons created this idea of total distruction several of the ideas are: The people didn’t respect human life if they wanted some of yours they would just stab and kill you. Also mankind started doing mixings that God did not approve of rumor has it this is currentl going on now. That being half human and half animal, half reptilian, half wofe and etc. Mixing DNA’s causing an animal with intelligents equal to human, etc. Well we ever know the real truth about all of these ideas theories, and so on. Yes because we know more now then we did well say 50 to 100 years ago. They are still finding in caves plates of gold, copper and clay tablets simiar to what caused the Book of Mormon. This has happened in California and prior to this in the State of Ark. What I have been hearing currently and I just hope the good guys are the ones winning the war that good aliens are driving the bad ones away and too killing them because they do not like what they do to humans, etc. All those children in the USA once for the most part are abducted they never hear or find them! Thank you for posting you’re information on this Posting Sight and too again thank you for this sight! Jerry Biddle USA

  14. Hello Jerry

    In my humble opinion, I believe the interpretation of events narrated in the bible have been distorted because, for some reason these historical events are recorded rather vaguely in the bible. There exists Sumerian ancient tablets which were found in the Sumer area some years ago, they were inscribed in ancient cuneiform writing and have since been deciphered by the likes of the late Z.Sitchin. If these tablets are authentic and correctly interpreted, then it makes very interesting reading and clarifies the history of the human race and its link with the early astronauts/gods/annunnaki/our creators.

    For those individuals, who really wish to know mankind’s origins narrated in a clear and measured manner, along with who some of these ufo occupants are, a book to read is titled ‘The Lost Book of Enki’ by Zecharia Sitchin – you will not be disappointed and the information therein will give you much to ponder.

  15. I have told you the individuals reading my postings, that I would share information with you. I try my best to keep my words. I have as stated before been studying the subject of UFO’s/aliens going on some odd 60 some years I started at the age of 5, my late mother was interested in this subject also. This helped me because she would by either those Flying Saucer Magazines, paper back books, and too TV talk shows back when they were more interesting. This is what I have come up with why? Reading, studying and related factors. Most of which has been on the Coast to Coast Show, and others being on the internet sights like this one. I think I know now the so-called huge secret. Most of you won’t believe it, then again some of you might start thinking that one Jerry in the USA is on to some thing! Here is what I have come up with: In the beginning was total darkness we can not put a date, time on this it’s called eon of years. The Creative force and the rest of us would communicate and this went on for again eon of years. This Creative force knew He well call it He knew He had special powers and one day He asked all of us billions of souls how would you like to see each other? All of us agreed and so yup you guest it! The BIG BANG! Then He made a place for all of us. This went on for eon of years. But we even the UFO/aliens wanted some thing new and different one thing was we wanted to look and become like Him. So, we all took a vote and this vote divided some of us. Some wanted this angel (the what we now call the devil) and others wanted what we call (Jesus) prior He was called in English terms (Jehovah) some of us went to earth others went to other planets, etc. Keep in mind this didn’t happen over night it took millions of years for all of this too happen. Then one of the souls proved to be what the Creative force wanted and passed a test if you pleae. He started His own planet. He was watching earth and other planets for the type of souls (people) He could put on His planet. The other souls some think they might go to hell which I wouldn’t be too surprised if this was the case. The others went to a holding area and given more instructions, if they accepted this find, then they would go to His planet. If they didn’t and too they felt they needed more education then yup you guest it! They returned to earth what is called reincarnation. Hoping this time to find themselves or find ways of getting the honor or acceptences to go to this planet where the others are. Some people like budda made claims he remembered 10 thousands different lifes. I wouldn’t even argue with him on this idea. If this was the case it sure took him a long time before he got it right yes I know! Others like babies, children and others only needed to come to earth for a short time and went to His planet. Some UFO aliens like the Pleiadians and some others do not believe in the humans idea of a God. Yet if you were to talk to them they have one thing in common, yes you see now how this works. They reincarnate! Maybe like some others they might find favor in Him and go to His planet. Some other aliens laugh about him saying things oh Him! He thinks He’s God! In a way He is a God, a God of this planet and others. Keep in mind this situation has been going on for eon of years. This would explain other dimentions, werewolfs, zombies, shape-shiters, hollow earth, vampires, etc. At first one who hasn’t really studied these things enough would find this funny! Along time ago, I would of rolled on the floor with laughter finding this with humor and etc. But, repeat but, you have to have an open mind, once you do, reading hearing and studying you’ll find out this has the best answer. People who do not believe in a God or Creator what about this? Again when you look at you’re watch, or watch TV getting into the car and etc. You’ll notice that they have some thing in common yup you guest it! A creator! The idea of evolution has pit falls to it! You’re tying to create some thing from ZEROOOOOOOOOOOO! NOOOOOOOOOOO, life is too complexed for this situation to happen it is technically too advanced for this. Get you’re watch take it all apart put it into one of those mixers used for making cement let it roll for give it a thousand years and see if it turns out to be a complex watch! What would happen at the end of the thousand years it would be a dust with some gold, other metals, etc. Then why the werewolfs and the like? Because eon of years those souls opt to become this! Why bad things happen on earth then? Again, if earth was another Heaven all of the time these circumstances would prevail: Why go? Why not just stay in Heaven? If it is so goodie goodie all of the time, how do you expect us to past the test! This would be like going to school and the teacher giving the answers then saying now we’ll take the test! Teacher: Oh I’m so proud of you! You all pasted the test! You: But what did we really learn? By having to study for this test and not having the answers given, what? Yes! We have learned some thing! Example: We know that certain snakes one must be very careful! Why? Because they can kill you! Don’t climb that pole or transmission tower and play with 500,000 volts with the same amount of amps! Why? Because it would fry you like a little match stick this has happened to some individuals in the past. Because you have studied snakes, high voltage, how to avoid people with guns and not playing with all of their deck of cards you go the other directions if possible! All of this is because we learn! Yes, earth for some can be really good! Especially if they have good health, money, good friends, but repeat this might look good but they too have troubles. If repeat if they live a life that money came from parents and they played all of the time not really learning a lession then what? Simple, on the other side they’ll learn things that the rest of us already know or maybe again reincarnation. My religion doesn’t believe in reincarnation, I have mixed fellings on this subject. In my numerous studies regarding this I have found out several things. One of which I have stated in the above paragraph. Now, some people won’t agree with what I have found to be true. I wouldn’t expect them too. So in advanced I know some shall say he on to some thing, some shall say oh nooooooooooooo! Heaven and hell and demons this and demons that! Speaking of demons do I believe in them? Yes, when I see a person guning down people or what the KKK in the USA did to blacks, Catholics, Mormons, Jews and other, and let us not forget the bad Germans what the Nazi did to again Jews, even some Germans. Yes, people like this make it clear that demons do have some control! But not all people and their religions for the most part are bad! If the Pleiadians took over earth readers what I have noticed in learning one of the first things they would get rid of is humans religions. What type of religion do they have? Again what I have read is they believe in Creation but not a Creator. So, humans would be the same as them and get ready for reincarnation or worse hell! So, if you can come up with some thing different please advise! Some people like the former postings would say Jerry call a priest! My answer to you is this you call a priest because you might need him more then me! Right now as it stands and the more again I hear the more I read the more I’m standing by these ideas. Former USA Presidents say that THEY run the earth! Some think they are the reptilains, some thing THEY are higher forms of invisible aliens, etc. Right now I have mixed feelings to this! Time shall tell. I do know one thing, some of those so-called Bible people telling all of us that this date the world shall end! I could write a book on this subject because the minute they say this you should walk away from them and their so-called ideas because if they really knew the Bible like they make claims they’d notice that no man knows the hour or day! I hope you have read and enjoy this postings. Again if you feel I’m wrong and you’re totally right and you have all the answers then post them! But, again but don’t start judging me because I’ll say he with out sin cast the first stone! Right now until things change this is how people like myself are perceiving the UFO/alien, creation, etc. Jerry Biddle USA

  16. Pat has made a remark regarding the standard Bible that both Catholic and other religions use. He make claim that it has been lacking or not enough information or deleted. Pat is very much correct on this one! Before I became a LDS Morjon Church member a member Virgal had this huge big Bible about the size of an Unibriged Dictionary yet the rest of the population carry little Bibles that one could put in his/her pocket! What is the differents? Oh gee do you think the little Bible could be lacking numerous details! You don’t have to be a rocket science individual to figure this one out! Also, maybe again Pat know this already some Bible books have again not been deleted they never made it in the standard Bible. I’ll give one because there are so many of these Bible Books! I have a book I bought called The Book of Enoch this book tells about what the Bible calls watchers we would call them fallen angels in this book they talk to Enoch in hopes he could win browny points with God for what they did they had sex with human women and caused Giants who eat animals and worse humans eat this eat that and even these huge big ox’s ate each other! This was one of the many reasons that caused the huge big earth floods to get rid of them and the off spring. No when Enoch talked to Heavenly Father (God) because they we’re once angels and maybe should of known better Enoch was told nope TOO LATE you’re going to be destroyed in a lake of fire! Other books called the dead sea scrolls, and of course the Book of Mormon which by the way people are still finding plates in Arkansas and California in caves this has happened a few years ago. So, why do they do all of this deleted situation? Well its hard to carry a huge big Bible for one! Also just look at all of those religions and people thinking they know every thing about the Bible because they know some thing we all don’t know isn’t that right Family Radios President and General Manager we all know who I have reference to HC and several or numerous people fill for this! The more information one receive in either a Bible or any book the more different ideas are going to be precented! Sooooooooo, how do you find the real truth one might ask? Reading sights like this one, other books published by individuals who are nutural and have studied these things for years. Computer internet and etc. I hope my 2cent worth has given some more ideas about the Bible oh by the way on a program several years ago they called In Search of they had a thing about Noah’s Ark by the way they stated that 7 different arks were made Noah representing Jews and the others were Buddest, etc, etc and yes they found all seven of them! Sooooo, think on that one! Jerry Biddle from the USA area

  17. Hello Jerry
    On the question of pocket size and larger size bibles, has it occurred to you the size of print and caliper/micron of the paper would make the difference. I have two bibles for research and interest purposes. The pocket size bible was given to me a couple of months ago and having compared the two, they both contain all the books which are listed in the Old and New Testaments, excluding, of course, The Complete Books of Enoch which are separate and I understand written years later.

    Seven Arks found?? That’s new to me Jerry, as I understand, the Ark seeker archaeologists have not as yet discovered the most famous ‘Noah’s Ark’ due to the thick ice, mist and snow on Mount Ararak in Turkey which, supposedly was the landing site.

    I doubt there were other Arks. According to the tablets found and decoded by the late author Z.Sitchin, Ziusudra/Noah, who happened to be the son of Lord Enki(One of the ‘promiscuous’ gods, who was instrumental in the creation of civilized mankind on this planet Earth), was saved through the building of the Ark as instructed by Lord Enki against the wishes of his half brother Lord Enlil. This is where the question of ‘was god an alien’ arises, particularly as they were the gods/elohim/anunnakai, who from heaven to earth came, created humans and procreated with their offspring. They were without doubt physical beings/astronauts from another Star System who landed on Earth for the purposes of extracting precious minerals.

    It seems far-fetched only because we’ve been fed with half truths and incomplete stories by religious personell over the centuries, that which appears to be a logical simple explanation is rather hard to swallow because the mysterious and miraculous stories are more likely to keep people on the straight and narrow. Not a bad idea but inadequate – that’s why there are so many unanswered questions and disbelief in the world today.

    That’s my belief.

    • Talking about Noah’s Ark, a couple of weeks ago I viewed an interesting discussion on one of our faith channels. The speaker brought up something very interesting which made absolute sense. He claimed Noah’s Ark will not be found because it was dismantled thus:

      When the Ark was lodged on Mount Ararak after the rain ceased and the water very slowly absorbed into the ground and evaporated into the atmosphere. It would’ve taken a fair amount of time for the muddy ground to become firm- making it very uncomfortable to move further a field in the water logged area. The trees would’ve died as they were water-logged – making the whole Earth quite barren. It would’ve taken months, even years to dry out and before any seeds dispersed could take root for trees and other plants to grow and flourish.

      What about accommodation and wood for fire – so they could prepare meals for themselves for the length of time they were confined to the area near the Ark. The obvious answer would be to dismantle the Ark systematically over time to procure wood to make separate and individual lodgings for each of the family units and use some of the wood for cooking their food. No doubt,over time after the ground dried up and plants began to spring up and thrive, the Ark had been fully dismantled and utilised.

      What are your thoughts?

  18. My answer to Pat’s posting to me here is my reply!=================================================================================================================================================================================================================================== I warned all of you! Keep in mind I’m not in court I’m not getting paid I haven’t written a book no I haven’t went to one of those so-called UFO meetings and sharing all of you if you don’t like what I post you can either not read them any more or live with it because I’m not going to flip flop my stories! It happened and that’s that! Again my reply=============================================== Jerry Biddle USA

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